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Forecasting the Market of Air Traffic Control Equipment Worldwide

Air traffic control (ATC) equipment helps to direct aircraft during takeoff and landings at airports in order to keep safe distance from each other at ground and in sky. Additionally, ATC helps aircraft during bad weather in order to ensure minimal delay. The evolution of air traffic control equipment has taken place gradually where some of the modernization programs perceived almost a decade ago, are now reaching their fulfillment.

by Mr. Sudip S (last year!)
2020- Demand of Small Arms and Light Weapons Globally makes Its Market to Rise Expeditiously

Small arms and Light Weapons (SALW) refers to two different classes of weapons. Small arms refer to the kind of weapons designed solely for individual use whereas, light weapons includes arms designed to be used by a crew of two or three persons. The market for Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) is primarily driven by factors such as implementation of Soldier Modernization Programs and Police Modernization Programs across various countries.

by Mr. Sudip S (last year!)
North America has the Largest Share in Commercial Aviation Crew Management System Market

The surging demand for enhanced automated systems in order to achieve operational efficiencies is primarily driving the market for commercial aviation crew management system globally. The growing air traffic and increasing airlines fleet are currently boosting the demand for commercial aviation crew management systems market worldwide.

by Mr. Sudip S (last year!)
Auto Mold Manufacturer in China Announces Custom Injection Mold Making For Auto Electronics & Interior Components

Sositar Automotive Mold Company is the leading China injection mold maker that announces to supply custom-made automotive electronics and interior components for the worldwide automakers.

by Jackie Lau (last year!)
U.S. is Presently Estimated to be the Largest Market for CBRN Security in the World

The growing concerns for minimizing threats from terrorist organizations and reduction of chemical and nuclear stockpiles, the market for CBRN security is growing at a steady pace globally.

by Mr. Sudip S (last year!)
Global Ammunition Market is expected to reach USD 14.87 billion in 2021

The report attributes the growth of the market to the changing law enforcement and military requirements, and continuous research and development activities in the field of arms and ammunition for the flourishing growth of the market in the past few years.

by Mr. Sudip S (last year!)
NORTH AMERICA- The Largest Regional Consumer Market of Homeland Security Devices and Technologies

The market for homeland security is primarily driven by several government initiatives undertaken to restrict increasing terrorist threats and cross border insurgency. North America is the leading regional market due to technological advancement and huge expenditure in defense segment.

by Mr. Sudip S (last year!)
Europe Aims to be the Best Market of Airport Information System

Airport information system is designed to improve efficiency, customer service and on-time performance in aviation industry. It gathers real time data and presents it in various formats such as graphs, tables and diagrams

by Mr. Sudip S (last year!)
Increasing Importance for the Security and Safety of Civilian Lives Boosting the Demand for CBRN Security Worldwide

The escalating demand for effective CBRN protection measures owing to threats from terrorist organizations and increasing initiatives adopted by nations for reduction of chemical and nuclear stockpiles, the market for CBRN security is growing at a steady pace globally.

by Mr. Sudip S (last year!)
Market of Cyber weapons are of Great use Today in Advanced Cyber Warfare.

Emergence of cyber as new domain for warfare is paving new opportunities for new and existing players in the market. Cyber weapon is considered as complementary to conventional warfare techniques. Additionally, cost-effectiveness of cyber weapons is leading to reduced funds for military expenses, thus providing new opportunities to players in the cyber weapon market.

by Mr. Sudip S (last year!)
Tips to Properly Caring For Your Teeth

Finding quality dental care can be a struggle for some people who have had poor experiences in the past.

by jack flower (last year!)
North America Continues to be Biggest Market for Amphibious Landing Crafts, Air Cushion Market

The global amphibious landing craft, air cushion market is expected to experience a significant growth in landing craft mechanized segment for military applications in the forecast period. The growth would be mainly driven by increase in demand for smaller and faster landing craft in certain regions such as APAC, Middle East and the Latin America.

by Mr.Sudip S (last year!)
Global Directed Energy Weapons Market is expected to reach USD 5.25 billion in 2020: Transparency Market Research

One of the key reasons for the growing demand for directed energy weapons is their precision and their ability to be either lethal or non-lethal. This makes directed energy weapons a valuable tool for riot control.

by Mr.Sudip S (last year!)
Homeland Security Systems Led by Cyber Security, at 5.60% CAGR from 2014 to 2020

Homeland security is a collective term for a wide variety of initiatives and plans undertaken by government bodies to protect their country from threats. Growing human trafficking and consequent demand for stricter border patrol has also aided the global homeland security market.

by Mr.Sudip S (last year!)
Find Bluetooth Accessories with Revolutionary Smartphone Ring

Technological innovations make it possible for everyone to replace phones with wearable items, such as the smartphone ring.

by jack flower (few years ago!)
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