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Private Company Saves Taxpayers Money and Prisoners Receive Education

1888PressRelease - more than 20,000 devices already contracted to prisons nationwide, Innertainment Delivery Systems LLC (IDS) is saving American taxpayers money while educating inmates.

by Donald Hood (last year!)
Wonderless Journalism’s Dark Side

Credit Slab and NuLife CEO Sheldon Wolf releases a personal statement about the attacks on his character and on his company from Toronto Star investigative journalist David Bruser.

by Sheldon Wolf (last year!)
Credit Slab Cares & Kids up Front Help Underprivileged Children Attend Games & Events

Credit Slab Cares donated front row Calgary Flames tickets to Kids up Front, a charitable organization dedicated to giving underprivileged children a chance to see live sporting events, shows, concerts and more.

by Sheldon Wolf (last year!)

Enago has teamed with Future Science Group and its core publishing brands, Future Science and Future Medicine, in a move to bridge the gap between research and publication.

by Gregory Loxton (last year!)
The Best SAP Training Centre

The Best SAP Training Centre SAP is among the most widely used and respected platforms for Enterprise Resource Planning with all large organisations and MNC’s using SAP at some level or another to fulfil organisational roles.

by SAP Online Trainings (last year!)
Uni-GAUGE Exams, providing a convenient entrance platform for students

Uni-GAUGE enables students to apply to multiple universities through a single gateway

by Juhi Nagar (last year!)
Benefits of essay writing service for the basic level education

The essay is one part of your application over which you have total control. The admissions officers regard essays as and chance to find about you as a person. Good writing service offers students range types of assist. They will find students on how to utilize the correct formatting way, how to make up the essay according to terms and how to write an essay in a rational way.

by jeaniestein (last year!)
Researchpaperwritingpros.com and Enjoy Brand New Essay Writing Assistance Tutorials

An essay writing resource invites you to join its new essay-friendly initiative designed to inspire for aidless writing of expert essays - Essay Writing Assistance Tutorials.

by Linda Burk (last year!)
SNM IAS Coaching Academy Chandigarh

SNM IAS Coaching Academy Chandigarh S.N.M. IAS study group is the most reputed IAS Coaching institute in Chandigarh. It is run by eminent educationists and backed by experienced bureaucrats, thus provides the most desired preparation experience to the candidates.

by SNM IAS Academy (last year!)
Proof Read My File: Discount offers for Authors and Writers

Proof Read My File: Discount offers for Authors and Writers Proof Read My File is a designation popular for serving online professional editing service and proofreading service in UK.

by John Smith (few years ago!)
The Fish & Chip Co. puts a student on the fast track to success

Student life. A time filled with little sleep, lots of fun and sadly, very, very little funds. While some students are lucky enough to have their own wheels, making life a little more accessible, those who don’t own their own mode of transport have certainly come to appreciate the friends who do.

by Natalie (few years ago!)
Make sure your children are protected by having the right safety equipment in your vehicle this festive season

This festive season, you owe it to your children to make sure they are as safe as possible on the roads. It’s a sad fact that four children die on South African roads daily and that an average of 40 children are injured every day in road accidents.

by Natalie (few years ago!)
Henley Business School provides Mr South Africa contestants with executive coaching

Mr South Africa has been crowning male role models for a number of years, and boasts well known personalities such as Dr. Michael Mol, Adrian Bergh, Andrew Govender and Stephen Segel as previous winners. The brand has certainly come a long way in its 22 year history and this year it has been working to elevate the Mr South Africa competition to another level, by challenging the contestants to effect change in various areas of society. By joining forces with Henley Business School, for instance, a group of Mr South Africa 2014 contestants recently received executive coaching sessions with Henley Business School to orientate them towards future leadership roles in the business world.

by Madelain (few years ago!)
The dead-end of our human imagination

Gordon Cook, co-founder of The Independent Institute of Education’s (The IIE) Vega School of Brand Leadership (Vega), calls for a lobby against the arms industry based on the conviction that, given sufficient opportunity, the human race will be able to think its way out of confrontation and conflict.

by Madelain (few years ago!)
Apple Expert Joins Startup CareerFoundry To Revolutionize Teaching Teachers To Teach Code

1888 Press Release - Former Head of Apple Education, Alan Greenberg, moves to Director at CareerFoundry and develops platform to teach UK teachers technology to meet future mandate requirements.

by Donald Hood (few years ago!)
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