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India PR Blog Launches PR Job Board

PR agencies and corporate houses can post job vacancies to the job board and reach out to hundreds of PR professionals in India

by Armaan Sharma (few years ago!)
New York Life Foundation Awards $100,000 To Help Undeserved Indian Children To Bridge The Digital Divide

The American India Foundation (AIF), a leading international development organization charged with the mission of accelerating social and economic change in India, has announced that it has received a $100,000 grant from the New York Life Foundation, a parent concern of Max New York Life. The funds will establish 15 large-scale centers in Punjab.

by Arry Sharma (few years ago!)
BuzzWorks Launches ?Social Spaces Programme? For Corporate Brands

A programme that enables brands to strategically approach their presence on the Internet, and understand how they can best engage with their online audiences

by infomailers (few years ago!)
Fortunes Of National Parties Is On Decline

The combinations and political contours witnessed during the election of the president of India clearly indicate that domination by two major national political parties is on decline

by Dipayan Mazumdar (few years ago!)
LetLifeIn.com Posts Controversial Article Titled ?Let?s Face It, Over 50 Sucks!?

LetLifeIn.com. an online magazine & social network has as its lead article a controversial topic that those 50+ often push under the rug. (www.LetLifeIn.com)

by Gary Geyer (few years ago!)
New Top Kids Websites Named By The Ratings Guy

Quickly find trusted websites for kids, from learning to skills development, reading, games, fun facts and ?how stuff works?, combined with news and great stuff about animals and the outdoors. Summer computer time is an adventure with trusted sites selected by The RatingsGuy.

by Katherine Morrow (few years ago!)
Is A Second Green Revolution Possible In A Few Years?

Is it possible to usher in the second green revolution in India? Is it possible to do it fast? Why has the new green revolution to start right away

by Ashish Mishra (few years ago!)
Will Industry Rescue Dying Farmers Or Not?

There are many contrary and contradictory signals in the big and small picture, in the kaleidoscope of the country, its regions not just diverse, but also some of them marching ahead, many others slipping backwards.

by Ashish Mishra (few years ago!)
Wake Up America! We Live In A Bully Culture !

Joanne Scaglione,author, Bully-Proofing Children (Rowman and Littlefield, 2006) claims that the Virginia Tech tragedy is an old equation starting with bullying, that needs a new solution

by Joanne Scaglione (few years ago!)
Kidfluence Announces Online Interactive Commentary For Teenagers

Teen Talk, a series of Internet-based video commentary segments on topics critical to the development of today?s teenagers, debuts on the web

by Steven Ruprecht (few years ago!)
Transfer Pricing Audits In China, A Book Co-Authored By Dr Jian Li

TPA is pleased to announce that a new book on Transfer Pricing Audits in China, co-authored by Dr Jian Li, has been published in London by Palgrave Macmillan. This book presents an introduction and overview of the audit process in China as specifically directed at transfer pricing practices.

by Maria Santos (few years ago!)
9/11 Accountability Conference In Chandler Arizona

9/11 Truth used this forum to discuss their common belief that the government lied about the September 11, 2001 attacks on the WorldTradeCenter, United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon. The purpose of the discussion was to seek new means and extend practiced methods for discovering the truth about what really happened and why...

by Renato R (few years ago!)
Stop Americans From Being Murdered In Iraq

Every American can help stop the bloodshed in Iraq. Just pick an item from your household, (tools, toys, small appliances, knickknacks, etc.) and send it to; WNY LOBBY, Avenue of America 489 Busti Avenue Buffalo, New York 14201.

by Russell Ward (few years ago!)
Parties Are For Every Occassion, Yet The Holidays Are The Time For Opening Your Home

Party planning is simple if you follow Sheila Rae's party ideas. Sheila Rae is a party planner in Michigan, she advises her clients on how to throw the perfect party everytime. Has the holidays lost the real meaning? Parties are perfect gifts to give your friends. Gifts giving has become a race for the big and best, however the simple and special will have more meaning.

by Sheila Rae (few years ago!)
Successful Businesses Focus On Customer Service

American companies need to step up to the plate when it comes to customer service. Service is not like it use to be in this country. Countries like China are cashing in on this lack of service and are now training all of it's people the skills of etiquette.

by Sheila Rae (few years ago!)
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