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Micralyne One of Alberta's Top 50 Employers Four Times Running

For the fourth year in a row Micralyne Inc., a world-leading independent MEMS technology company, has been named one of "Alberta's Top 50 Employers" by Mediacorp Canada.

by Scott Rice (few years ago!)
Micralyne and University of Alberta Partner to Expand Regional Nanotechnology Capability

Micralyne, a world-leading MEMS product developer and manufacturer, today announced it will be giving Alberta's nanotechnology industry a "step up" by the end of August with the installation of a unique precision tool in its Edmonton facility.

by Chris Lumb (few years ago!)
BNC secures largest contract to date

Bio Nano Consulting: BNC is pleased to announce that it has recently signed its largest contract to date with a major chemical company.

by Neil Ravenhill (few years ago!)
Micralyne Fiscal 2008/09 Results Highest Ever

Micralyne, a world leading MEMS foundry service provider, today announced revenue of C$30.6 million for fiscal 2009, an increase of 35% from the previous year?s revenue of $22.6 million. The company saw net income grow to the highest since inception, and profits as a percentage of revenue rose significantly.

by Chris Lumb (few years ago!)
nanoTox Appoints Gov. George Allen to Board of Directors

Governor George Allen of Virginia has long advocated the safe development of nanotechnology, including sponsoring the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act in 2002 as the state?s U.S. Senator. Now Gov. Allen is expanding his commitment safe nanotech implementation as he joins the board of nanoTox?s parent company, Nano Risk Assessment, Inc.

by Laura P. Wright (few years ago!)
Micralyne Presents Gold-Tin Solder Bonding Process for Wafer-Level Packaging

Micralyne Inc., a growing MEMS and microfluidics foundry, announced today that Project Engineer, Mr. Dean Spicer, will be speaking next week at The 2009 IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference (IITC) on Tuesday, June 2.

by Craig Blackburn (few years ago!)
Nanotechnology In Manufactured Goods To Grow At CAGR 49%

The global market for manufactured goods using nanotechnology is slated for high growth trajectory, representing a CAGR of more than 49% by 2013, says RNCOS.

by Shushmul Maheshwari (few years ago!)
Gary W. Pankonien Joins nanoTox? as CEO and Board Vice Chairmann

Good risk assessment makes good nanotechnology. That?s Gary Pankonien?s objective as the former CEO of Nanotechnologies (now NovaCentrix) takes the helm of the nanotech risk assessment and solutions company, nanoTox, as its CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board.

by Laura P. Wright (few years ago!)
Nano Cement, Steel and Construction Industries Conference

Nanotechnology means smarter materials for smarter construction. Join leading scientists, engineers and executives in Cairo as we meet to discuss the latest developments in nanotechnology for the construction industry, featuring special sessions on ?Green Nano?.

by Ayda El Maghraby (few years ago!)
nanoTox Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. David W. Hobson, to Speak on Nanotech Policy, Regulation and Product Safety at NSTI Nanotech

nanoTox Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. David W. Hobson, will speak on regulations and policies affecting nanotech companies the NSTI Nanotech conference in Houston, Texas, on May 5, 2009. Dr. Hobson is a toxicological expert on safety issues related to the commercialization of nanotechnology and a consultant to government and industry on nanoproduct and nanotechnology development issues.

by Laura P. Wright (few years ago!)
Nanoparticles By Emitting EM Radiation Induce DNA Damage And Increase The Risk Of Cancer

Experiments over the past decade showing DNA damage is now supported by QED induced EM radiation that shows nanoparticles by producing their own UV radiation increase the risk of cancer suggesting their ban in all commercial products.

by Thomas Prevenslik (few years ago!)
Green Earth Nano Science Signs License With Edge Cryojetics Expanding Market Into Midwestern USA

Edge Cryojetics has joined forces with Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. (GENS) to bring self-cleaning and self-sanitizing coating technology into US market. Through the use of nano technology, GENS has created a photocatalytic (light activated) environmentally friendly coating that enables buildings and other structures to clean themselves.

by Miroslaw Chrzaniecki (few years ago!)
NanoTox? Continues to Attract Dynamic Leaders with Addition of La Jolla Capital Partners CEO, C. Richard Piazza, to Board of Directors

C. Richard Piazza ? founder and CEO of private equity firm La Jolla Capital Partners, LLC ? has joined nanoTox parent company board of directors. The addition brings decades of experience creating profitable prominent biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

by Laura P. Wright (few years ago!)
Micralyne and SVTC Technologies to Collaborate on 8-inch MEMS Development and Manufacturing

Micralyne Inc., a leading independent MEMS developer and manufacturer, has announced plans to collaborate with SVTC Technologies LLC, a leading independent MEMS and CMOS commercialization company, to develop and manufacture MEMS devices using 8-inch fabrication technology.

by Chris Lumb (few years ago!)
Market for Nanocoatings Poised to Show Dramatic Growth Exceeding $6.5 billion in 4 Years

Currently, competitive rivalry is high in the nanomaterials sector. Companies are in the middle of a research and development race to develop and release new proprietary products for specific applications. Only the first to market will gain the competitive advantage to embrace the potential of nanotechnology, and this is the market focus at present.

by Chiaki Sadanaga (few years ago!)
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