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Pigtail Princess Brings Hip And Trendy Back To Children's Accessories

Pigtail Princess is offering a variety of hair accessories from infant to tween. They are trendy, fun and match some of the hottest boutique lines around.

by Shayna Hansen (few years ago!)
The Markets Remain Steady As The Chinese Holiday In The Week

Crude oil prices in the week reduced by US$2-US$3 on an average. The OPEC basket was at US$86.27 a barrel, while Europe brent was at US$89 a barrel.

by Mini Nair (few years ago!)
Nakoda Textiles Yearly Net Profit Zooms 63 Per Cent

Announces a five per cent interim dividend to shareholders - New plant commissioned in November running to full capacity

by Mini Nair (few years ago!)
Cotlook ?A? Index Fell By 8 Cents After Previous Weeks Rise

Cotlook ?A? Index fell by 8 cents after previous weeks rise

by Mini Nair (few years ago!)
Arvind Mills? Net Profit At Rs 6 Crores And Sales At Rs 537 Crores For The Quarter Ended 31st December 2007

Arvind Mills? net profit at Rs 6 Crores and sales at Rs 537 Crores for the Quarter ended 31st December 2007

by Mini Nair (few years ago!) Launched Its New Wholesale Website is dedicated to providing Name Brand Clothing at wholesale price.

by Shakeel (few years ago!)
Eco-Friendly Fashion At The Heart Of The Cotswolds

Stroud Vintage Fashion, Textile & Accessories Fairs in the Subscription Rooms Stroud January 5th 2008.

by David Ireland (few years ago!)
Universal CEO Buys Presents At 66north

The newest addition to the customer list of 66 North is the CEO of Universal Studios

by Helga Vidarsdottir (few years ago!)
New Report Predicts Massive Growth For Polyester Production In Asia

?Polyester Chain 2007? ( reports that polyester makes up for 75% of all man-made fibres, dominating the other fibres over the last three decades. In 2006, global capacity stood at 36.41 million tons including 15.16 million tons of polyester staple fibre 21.25 million tons of polyester filament yarn.

by Jonna Dagliden (few years ago!)
Polyester Chain Report: 2007 Published By

Polyester makes up for 75% of all manmade fibres and has been dominating among the other fibers over last three decades reported by

by Mini Nair (few years ago!)
Latest Industry Release: CITI And YNFX Join Hands To Consolidate The Indian Textile Manufacturers To Boost Textile Business Opportunities With India And Globally

Confederation of Indian Textile Industry, known as CITI and, the leading provider of Textile Market Intelligence and Market Development solutions are pleased to announce the launch of CITI.YNFX.COM ? The CITI Marketplace. Indian exports targeted to reach USD 50 billion by 2010 has emerged as the 2nd largest exporter of Textiles. This initiative presents the aggregated suppl

by Christy RM (few years ago!)
Acrylic Staple Fiber Production To Increase At The Rate Of 8% Per Annum Between 2006 And 2012 Reported By the leading provider of Textile Market Intelligence is pleased to publish the third compendium, ?Acrylic Chain Report 2007?.Global acrylic fibre production was on the downtrend in 2006. Production declined 4.6% to 2.5 million tons. Acrylic fibre accounts for 6.8% in total man made fiber. ASF capacity has significantly declined in America.

by Christy RM (few years ago!)
Ynfx Latest Release: Cotton Prices In India Further Weakens

YnFx PriceWatch Report dated 12th October 07 reports, crude oil prices again got firm on lower supplies this week. Nymex Crude oil futures rose to $83 a barrel on falling US crude stock pile and global crude oil inventories. Crude supplies in Europe and Asia are below average, and global inventories fell in the third quarter, which usually is a period of increases

by Christy RM (few years ago!)
New World Fiber Report -2007 Published By the leading provider of Textile Market Intelligence is pleased to publish the second compendium,? World Fibre Trends in Demand Supply? presenting the demand and supply trends in manmade fibre industry. The compilation covers all major fibre producing countries accounting for 91.4% of global production and 91.5% in consumption.

by Christy RM (few years ago!)
Ynfx Industry Press Release: Arvind Board Approves Preferential Allotment Of Warrants To Promoters

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 81 (1A) and all other applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 (including any statutory modification(s) or reenactment thereof, for the time being in force) and pursuant to the provisions of Chapter XIII of the Securities and Exchange Board of India..

by Christy RM (few years ago!)
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