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Better Methods for Dealing With Corrosion: At 2nd Annual Corrosion Management Summit

To bridge the gap between must-haves and the current situation of corrosion-related process and management the 2nd Annual Corrosion Management Summit will be held in Doha on 6 -8 May 2013. After the success of last year's summit, in 2013 the 2nd Annual summit is all focused on highlighting the real-time challenges faced by companies dwelling in this sector.

by Tanaya Priya (few years ago!)
Apeejay School of Management Organizes Mini-Marathon - ‘Keep Dwarka City Clean’

Apeejay School of Management Organizes Mini-Marathon - ‘Keep Dwarka City Clean’ A Mini-Marathon with the theme "Keep Dwarka City Clean” was organised at Apeejay Campus, Dwarka. The effort was to sensitise the community particularly the residents of Dwarka about clean environment in the neighbourhood.

by Firdosh Khan (few years ago!)
Traumatic events demonstrate all too clearly, " Fire safety is indeed an investment "

Traumatic events demonstrate all too clearly, " Fire safety is indeed an investment ". What measures can be taken to help minimize the fire hazards in this sort of environment and provide an early warning of fire, to protect key assets against the potential of a problem escalating into a full scale disaster.

by Jenson Samuel (few years ago!)

(Port Jefferson Station, NY) -- Long Island is bracing itself for Hurricane Sandy. One of the most vulnerable populations is pets, who are often forgotten in the chaos of natural disasters. In order to ensure the well being of your pets, it is necessary for you to formulate a plan before disaster strikes.

by Ashley Glickman (few years ago!)
Inc Magazine Features SWAT Radon Mitigation's Stellar Growth And Opportunities

Inc. Magazine has proudly featured SWAT Environmental radon mitigation services, because of their extensive growth and franchise opportunities. To learn more, visit www.swat-radon-inc-magazine.com.

by Newswire Association (few years ago!)
Experts from energy sector convene to address cyber security for critical infrastructure

The Latest Cyber Security Techniques to be Revealed at 8th MEESEC this December in Dubai.

by Priti Mathur (few years ago!)
SWAT Environmental Provides Free Radon Mitigation Systems to Low Income Families as Radon Awareness Week in America Ends October 21, 2012

The week of October 15 - 21, 2012 has been designated as National Radon Action Week in the United States. Major government and health organizations, including S.W.A.T. Environmental (North America's largest radon mitigation franchise) have joined forces to put an end to this deadly household terrorist. Free radon testing and radon mitigation services have been offered to some low-income families.

by David Williams (few years ago!)
Million Trees to Host a Planting Event to Help Feed the Bees

Million Trees is organizing a “Trees for Bees” forage-planting event to take place October 27th at historic Floyd Bennett field.

by Lindsay Morrison (few years ago!)
Solar Electric Supply Inc. Launches New Range of Custom Solar Panels

Solar energy is abundant and free, transforming it into electric energy is a wise choice for cutting the monthly utility bills and saving environment at the same time.

by Solar Electric Supply (few years ago!)
2nd LNG Technology Global Summit Commences: Lays Emphasis on Demand Growth and Floating Platforms

The 2nd Annual LNG Technology Global Summit, which commenced today at the Courtyard By Marriott in Doha, is witnessing a full house of professionals responsible for delivering technical excellence across the LNG value chain.

by Sonika Mendjoge (few years ago!)
EVI's Solar Programme of Activity - A boon for upcoming Solar CDM projects

EVI successfully registered its Solar Programme of Activity (PoA) with UNFCCC called the "National Solar Power Development Programme, India" (NSPDP).

by Kanupriya Jain (few years ago!)
MIRA TELECOM Delivers Construction Of Own Research Center, European Project Worth 2 Mil. Euro

MIRA TELECOM has successfully delivered the first stage of its research center development, located in Joita (Giurgiu county).

by stoian marian (few years ago!)
Mangaldeep Enterprises, Inc. announces the launch of new technology Solar charge controller

Mangaldeep solar energy enterprises located in Noida, India recently announced the availability of various watts of solar charge controller to increase the life of battery at a more competitive price rates.

by ajay dixit (few years ago!)
E.O. Wilson Joins Science Board of SavingSpecies

Distinguished scientist joins top-flight advisory board to help conservation organization determine program funding priorities.

by Roger Harris (few years ago!)
Biomass Boilers are Red Hot Green Energy

Barden Energy Ltd, a leading biomass boiler installation company, announce news and updates on products and services.

by Barden Energy (few years ago!)
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