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Multi-utility energy data and analysis lies at the heart of winning over your board of directors believes Paul Akrill, Operations Director at IMServ

Lack of quantifiable benefits and insufficient cost savings are the primary barriers to investing in energy management. But according to Paul Akrill, Operations Director at IMServ Europe, the best way to address these obstacles, and win over your board of directors, is with multi-utility data and careful analysis.

by Justine Smith (few years ago!)
Drug-Free South Working for a Healthy, Happy Tennessee

Drug-Free South is working to eradicate the demand for drugs in Tennessee and so establish health and happiness for all citizens.

by Julie Brinker (few years ago!)
3rd Global Health and Safety Forum in Mining advocates sustainable health & safety

The Health and Safety Forum in Mining, concluding today, is addressing the burning challenges and opportunities faced by global mining companies with respect to sustainable development in health and safety

by Amrita Jambavalikar (few years ago!)
Innovative Conference Showcases Future of Energy

On the heels of a summer filled with public demonstrations in support of sustainable energy and the recent announcement that five more countries will join the United States in ending public financing for new coal-fired power plants, a non-profit group is launching a conference entirely focused on the future of energy.

by Stefani Paulus (few years ago!)
Utilizing waste as an effective resource

Waste Management ME Forum to be in Dubai - UAE will gather waste management professionals to discuss practices to manage waste and utilizing it as a resource.

by Ajay Nimbalkar (few years ago!)
Solar Maid Adds Several Island Locations

Solar Maid continues expansion of service locations to several island communities including Puerto Rico, HI and the Virgin Islands.

by jenny rose (few years ago!)
Time to focus on implementing the best practices for fire safety

Preparedness to handle fire accidents is essential and the Middle East is developing a proactive safety culture.Understanding fire dynamics will help implement better designs systems avoiding failure in safety and security.

by Jenson Samuel (few years ago!)
IM Wind and Solar Now Providing Free Consultations for Utah Residents

Find out why IM Wind and Solar is providing free consultations for Utah residents.

by Intermountain Wind & Solar (few years ago!)
The Way to Happiness Participates in Health and Happiness Day in Nashville

The Nashville Chapter of The Way to Happiness Foundation distributed information and a seminar at Health and Happiness Day in Nashville.

by Julie Brinker (few years ago!)
Go Green Solar Provides Solar Panel Services and Products to Interested Parties

Things to take into consideration when you are looking for the best available green lighting and solar panel purchases from Go Green Solar.

by GoGreenSolar com (few years ago!)
The Way to Happiness Plans Health and Happiness Day in Nashville

The Way to Happiness Campaign prepares for Health and Happiness Day in Nashville.

by Julie Brinker (few years ago!)
Water Ionizing Machines

Water Ionizing Machines With the tag line "The source of happiness and longevity is in water”, Enagic has come up with a revolutionary range of clean alkaline water-making machines. With more than of three decades of experience, this privately owned Japanese company has succeeded to become of the leading companies.

by alkaline antioxidants (few years ago!)
Energy Management is Moving into the CFOs remit says Justin Vroone, Commercial Director at IMServ

Energy management and environmental sustainability historically have been part of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but, according to Justin Vroone, Commercial Director at IMServ, there has been a radical shift away from the philanthropic into finance’s remit and companies’ bottom line.

by Laura Brown (few years ago!)
Paving Adelaide

Paving Adelaide Thompson landscaping has the best landscapers in Adelaide offering the best landscaping services, pool coping, retaining walls and paving services in Adelaide.

by Nick Patel (few years ago!)
Covington Who's Who Selects Curtis M. Anderson as a VIP Member of the Executive and Professional Registry

The selection recognizes Curtis M. Anderson's commitment to excellence in Business, Technology, and Energy.

by Holli Narvaez (few years ago!)
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