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Get the Loveliest Authentic Moroccan Poufs and Babouche

People have come to appreciate more and more handmade art, whether they are clothes items or decorative objects. Decorating your house with Moroccan poufs which look fantastic and also have practical uses can be a wonderful idea, and if you don’t know too much yet about little precious Moroccan slippers also called babouche, then read on.

by Christian George (few years ago!)
Media Advisory - E3 To Hold Press Conference; Demonstrate ECoS Solution

1888 Press Release - E3 Services & Solutions Inc. will hold a press conference on September 30, 2014 in Martinez, CA to launch its water remediation and pollution control system, ECoS3. Press credentials will be offered and a live demonstration of the technology will be presented by the company.

by Donald Hood (few years ago!)
E3 Appoints Dr. Michael Green Chief Technology Officer; Opens California R&D Center

1888 Press Release - E3 continues its expansion with the appointment of Dr. Michael Green to Chief Technology Officer and the opening of its research and development center in California. Water remediation and recovery technologies will be the key focus of this R&D.

by Donald Hood (few years ago!)
Westward Group Alternatives Energy Consumption Tips

Energy costs have spiraled beyond control and now eat up a lot of every family’s budget. But most people are not aware of simple energy-saving tips they could easily practice.

by Pricilla Schulz (few years ago!)
FIRST FLEX FUEL STATION OPENING in Quebec, Canada with Ethanol production from renewable cost effective Sweet Sorghum Crops. Flex Fuel installed free

1888 PressRelease - Our patented and patent pending technology with 36 years of experience, produces fuel ethanol with sweet sorghum crops that grow every 120 days, yield more ethanol than corn or sugarcane, have valuable By Products of Distilled Water, Lumber Alternatives and Food Flower Tops. Our engine conversion kits automatically burn gasoline or ethanol + add Steam for more power and mileage. Rated # 1.

by Donald Hood (few years ago!)

1888 Press Release - E3 acquires equity stake in Synergy International Inc. to provide environmental design and engineering consulting services. Operating as a subsidiary, the business unit will leverage a broad array of scientific relationships in solving environmental and sustainability problems.

by Donald Hood (few years ago!)
Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent A True Made in the USA Product

HI Natures is a new Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent proving itself on store shelves around Georgia and the online community.

by Steward Clinton (few years ago!)
The Way to Happiness Youth Club Organizes Community Cleanup for Nashville

The Way to Happiness Youth Club Organizes Community Cleanup for Nashville Nashville’s “The Way to Happiness” Youth Club is organizing a community cleanup in honor of the United Nations International Day of Friendship. They are inviting others to join them in this effort to keep Nashville clean and beautiful.

by Julie Brinker (few years ago!)
Waste Management Forum to be supported by Dubai Municipality

Waste Management Forum to be supported by Dubai Municipality Dubai to host the 5th Annual Waste Management Middle East Forum which is officially supported by the Dubai Municipality.

by Manohar Bharwani (few years ago!)

E3 APPOINTS KEY EXECUTIVES TO MANAGEMENT TEAM 1888 Press Release - E3 continues business expansion with the addition of key research, scientific and business executive appointments to its management team and board of directors.

by Patrick1Gall (few years ago!)
This World Environment Day, PBC Marked Another Milestone

World Environment Day (WED) 2014 by organizing a green workshop for school children and an awareness campaign on solutions to air pollution.

by Sunil Pal (few years ago!)
E3 Acquires International Stake In HESA Ltd, Forms HESA Energy LLC In US

1888 PressRelease - E3 expands technology portfolio and international operations with equity stake in HESA Ltd. The investment provides access to an alternative energy technology portfolio which will be integrated into the company's operations.

by Donald Hood (few years ago!)
Researcher raises public money to sequence genome of small fern with massive green potential

Researcher raises public money to sequence genome of small fern with massive green potential Scientists from Duke University are raising money through crowdfunding platform Experiment . com to sequence the genome of a promising little fern called Azolla.

by Kathleen Pryer (few years ago!)
E3 Acquires Stake In Instant Water Technologies, Purchases Marketing Firm, Originare

1888 Press Release - E3 launches into market through acquisition of intellectual property and marketing capabilities in the environmental technology and services market. Initial focus on frack water processing and remediation.

by Donald Hood (few years ago!)
Lay Flat Hose-Unique Prices & Special Buy Back Offer

As the world’s largest producer and distributor of Through the Weave Polyurethane Lay Flat hose, we guarantee hereby to save you between 15%-25% on any order of large diameter PU hose.

by David Lee Johns (few years ago!)
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