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New Psychometric Testing service launched by PeopleMaps

PeopleMaps launches the first online personality testing service for employers that lets them design their own reports for each job role.

by Martin (few years ago!)
Tom Barrella Announces Plans to Lead the Investeens' March on Washington

Tom Barrella, a leading financial educator, high school teacher, and founder of www.Investeens.com speaks for the Most Disenfranchised Group in America - teenagers, our nation's future - and announces his Intention to lead an Investeens' March on Washington in 2012!

by Tom Barrella (few years ago!)
First Study into Cloud Technology for Training Launches in August

Learning and development experts team-up to tackle low adoption of high impact virtual training.

by Aneta Sokolowska (few years ago!)
Hands-on Lab in Cloud Still Unique, Say Microsoft Learning

Showcase of Latest Training Technologies at Microsoft World Partner Conference.

by Aneta Sokolowska (few years ago!)
New Initiative Into Cloud Based Learning As Industry Reports Businesses' Indifference

A disconnect between the benefits of virtual learning and UK businesses adopting these technologies encourages learning and development industry to examine the barriers to implementation.

by Kate Graham (few years ago!)
Michael Ronayne and Paloma Vivanco wow the audience at the Institute of Strategic Studies, Bloomsbury, London

The evening's Charmain, Vince Stevenson described the event in his introduction as a soire of spectacular speaking. Nobody left disappointed.

by Vincent Stevenson (few years ago!)
Learn How to Create Awesome Training Videos Using Camtasia Studio Software

Video Training Expert Michelle Schoen announces the launch of Camtasia Training Atlanta, a website and training resource which provides entrepreneurs living in the Atlanta area with the necessary information and tools to create professional Camtasia training videos.

by Michelle Schoen (few years ago!)
"Bizarro World" Gets A New Twist By Tom Barrella As a Financial Education Program For Teens

The times we're living in are anything but normal. Nothing is as it seems, and no one cares. Welcome to Bizarro World, or is it just another day in America? Developed by Tom Barrella as a teaching tool for www.investeens.com, his take on "Bizarro World" comes uncomfortably close to the surreal events that contributed to our economic meltdown over the last few years. A lesson for us all.

by Tom Barrella (few years ago!)
EnergyRICH(R) Coaching Inc, announces: Heather Dominick shares how she used HEART-CENTERED COLLABORATION to generate close to a Million Dollars in her business

Join Heather Dominick as she delivers the #1 marketing strategy that will INSTANTLY increase your bottom-line (and you feel really good while doing it!). This is all about how the more we join together believing that "As you succeed, I succeed-As I succeed, you succeed" the faster the planet heals and we all enter into Whole Prosperity.

by Laura Wright (few years ago!)
The Master in Management Compass celebrates its first birthday

The platform fills the lack of information on the more than 400 Master in Management (MIM) programs worldwide at www.mim-compass.com.

by Thomas Graf (few years ago!)
PROJstudy announces PRINCE2 5-Day classroom training program available in different cities across United Kingdom

Edusys, a global leader in project management training launches PRINCE2 classroom training across different cities in the United Kingdom

by PROJstudy (few years ago!)
Alice Hoffman Young Writers Retreat Returns for Seventh Year High School Juniors Invited to Participate in Summer Writing Workshop

Best-selling author Alice Hoffman and Adelphi University Ruth S.Ammon School of Education are collaborating for the seventh year to offer 30 high school students participation in an intensive summer creative writing workshop.

by Kali Chan (few years ago!)
Julie Farha, Gifted Intuitive Life Coach Gives Back with Free Events

Julie Farha, Gifted Intuitive Life Coach Gives Back with Free Events Internationally recognized author, speaker, and life coach, Julie Farha, provides Free Insight Galleries & Teleconferences as gift to those who need answers now! This is your opportunity to gain insight into health, wealth, relationships, co-workers, bosses, clients, friends and family. Stop the struggle now with pure insights to guide you into positive, powerful action and the right decisions!

by Kathleen (few years ago!)
Organization Guru Missy Bystrom traveled across the United States for the right mess

Organization Guru Missy Bystrom does it all. She traveled across the country to organize Andy's office. She has two workshop series, one for the home and one for the office. She has also published two books and is working on her third. Order does not come naturally and that is why Missy is here. Ducks run amok. That's what ducks do. Putting your ducks in a row. That's what Missy does.

by Missy Bystrom (few years ago!)
Warren Friss Returns as Guest Speaker at the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis

Warren Friss received a B.S in Political Science from the State University of New York at Albany and then went on to earn a Law Degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. Warren Friss began his career as a Corporate Attorney at the NY law firm of Shea & Gould, which was founded by Bill Shea, for whom Shea Stadium was named after. It was at Shea & Gould that Warren got his start in.

by Warren Friss (few years ago!)
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