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Paulding County GOP is Hosting Candidate Meet-and-Greet

The Paulding County Republican Party will be hosting a Republican candidate meet-and-greet at White Oak Park on June 19th. The event will last from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., and is open to the community.

by Joseph Gullett (few years ago!)
Revolution, 51st Century By Ross Gallen

Revolution, 51st Century By Ross Gallen This is the novel feared by the Obama Administration because it dares to show ordinary Americans, in unvarnished terms, what happens when Muslim extremists unleash a nuclear fire storm on the United States.

by Ross Gallen (few years ago!)
Fresh off Border Visit Dr. Chris Salvino Signs Border Wall and Anti-Amnesty Pledge; Challenges Opponents to Sign

Dr. Chris Salvino visited the US Mexican border and then pledged to sponsor legislation to finish building a physical wall between the US and Mexico.

by Chad Willems (few years ago!)
Prestige Network Helps Former Newbury MP In Quest To Reach Minorities

Social inclusion and immigration are popular topics at the moment in the UK. Now Richard Benyon, former Newbury MP, has taken an innovative step to reach out to minorities.

by Susan Tolman (few years ago!)
Governor Charlie Crist Urged To Become Independent

Florida Governor Charlie Crist considers joining the Independence Party and has the full support of Chairman Frank MacKay.

by Steve (few years ago!)
Launch Of One Million Leaders Campaign

LEADER - THE PARTY announced the launch of ONE MILLION LEADERS CAMPAIGN in India. This campaign is to invite people to support its political party launch in INDIA. Leader is inviting ONE MILLION people to register in their site as supporters for its ideologies.

by PR Admin (few years ago!)
Local Business Featured at First Lady's Luncheon in DC

Jiffy Steamer is teaming up with the United States Congressional Club for the 2010 First Lady's Luncheon.

by Monica (few years ago!)
Introduction of New Website by Intelligent Vote Announced

Intelligent Vote announced that they have created a new website.

by Jen Larsson (few years ago!)
Dr. Chris Salvino, Rep. Michele Reagan, and several Tea Party Leaders Head to U.S. - Mexico Border

Dr. Chris Salvino will be heading to the U.S. Mexico border to see firsthand the security conditions, and meet with locals on the ground, who deal with illegal immigration every day. Salvino will be joined by Rep. Michele Reagan and several Tea Party leaders on this Friday, April 23rd. This is Salvino's second trip to the bor

by Chad Willems (few years ago!)
Pat Brown Institute presents "Immigration Reform and L.A.: Race, Class, and Ethnic Perspectives"

Recap of recent immigration panel discussion in Downtown LA.

by Edward Headington (few years ago!)
Donaukurier Publisher supports Abolition of Freedom of Communication

Georg Sch?ff, the publisher of the Donaukurier newspaper, in a page-long interview of his own publication expresses his thoughts about Google Streetview. He argues that Google generally has problems with the constitutional system in Germany, but at the same time demands the abolishment of freedom of communication through actions undertaken by his paper.

by Peter Debik M.A. (few years ago!)
Dailypolitical.Com - Welcome O The World Of Politics is a news portal that features the latest breaking news and events pertaining to the current state of US politics, world politics , and the global economy. One of the fastest growing news outlets on the World Wide Web, Daily Political aims to connect readers with unbiased and factual coverage across the relevant domains of business.

by Mark Snyder (few years ago!)
You Are Invited To Meet & Hear All Republican Candidates in the Primary Contest For CA-CD11 (Currently Held By Democrat Jerry McNerney)

The Republican Party of San Joaquin County & The Delta College Republicans.

by Jessica Spiker (few years ago!)
Cenarrusa to serve as Honorary Chair for Veterans for Ward coalition

Vaughn has real experience protecting America that he can call upon in Congress to keep our citizens safe," said Pete Cenarrusa with a "Semper Fi.

by Caroline Merritt (few years ago!)
Sendah Launches Project Bantay Boto

Sendah, the unified online service for cross-border transactions launches Project Bantay Boto, in partnership with KilosKo Foundation. Project Bantay Boto is a way for expatriate Filipinos to support initiatives to insure clean and peaceful May 2010 National Elections in the Philippines.

by Dyza Portugal (few years ago!)
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