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WomenCount Radio Welcomes The 2012 Project's Mary Hughes and Debbie Walsh on WomenCount Radio Thursday July 15th, 7:30pm PST/10:30:pm EST

Debbie Walsh, Director, Center for American Women and Politics and Mary Hughes, Director and Founder, The 2012 Project discuss the new campaign, The 2012 Project on WomenCount Radio Thursday July 15th, 7:30pm PST/10:30:pm EST

by Meghan Harvey (few years ago!)
Arpaio, B.A.N. Work To Save Arizona Baseball

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and have launched a campaign to send 50,000 petitions to Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to keep the 2011 All-Star Game in Phoenix, according to B.A.N. president/CEO Sean McCaffrey.

by Sean McCaffrey (few years ago!)
MD Political Candidates and Citizens Gather To Embrace "A New Vision Of Democracy" At Statewide Political Gala

The GrassRoots Steering Foundation, Inc. and the 2010 Vote The Power! Campaign announces its MD Campaign 2010 Black and White Summer Gala.

by Tandra Ridgley (few years ago!)
William Michael of releases statement regarding U.S. prosperity on the neck of the entire world at all expense

There is much uncertainty in the world. The current cast of world leader characters, such as Obama want the American people to believe there are no more true enemies in the world. Rather, we should be tolerant of others no matter what flag they carry as much of the problems we see today are the result of the former Presidential administration.

by William Michael (few years ago!)
Republican Majority Campaign Calls To End Charlie's Bailout Of U.S. Sugar

The Republican Majority Campaign Political Action Committee (RMCPAC) joins forces with Conservative Activists from Orlando to Miami-Dade to protest Governor Crist's Bailout of U.S. Sugar.

by Daniel P. Diaz (few years ago!)
Toronto's $1 Billion Operating and Infrastructure Deficit Result of Failed Policies by Incumbents

Toronto accounts for 40% of Ontario's GDP yet has a fiscal crisis caused by chronic spending increases of 4 times over 6 years to $8.7 Billion Dollars while incumbent councillors gave themselves a 12% salary raise over the next four years PLUS.

by peterclarke (few years ago!)
Peter Clarke Represents Free Enterprise, Smaller, Less Government and Individualism

Toronto's 200,000 bylaws regulations and left leaning ideologies of 25 years have attempted to micro-managing personal choices and freedoms down to the level of a soft drink, french fry or salt when there are families that aren't eating must end.

by peterclarke (few years ago!)
Toronto Could Raise MILLIONS by Selling Air Rights For Development Rights at $400 to $600 PSF, CLARKE

The city and houses of worship could raise new revenues for transit, community outreach and charitable programs while the developers would get to construct taller buildings and have more units to sell by the sale of air rights to developers.

by peterclarke (few years ago!)
Powerful Environmental Groups Endorse Karen Montgomery's State Senate Bid

A lifelong commitment to conservation has earned Delegate Karen Montgomery's bid for the District 14 State Senate seat the endorsement of two inuential environmental organizations.

by Peter Blaes (few years ago!)
L.A. Councilmember Huizar Moderates Forum Examining Election Reform

After vetting City's campaign financing policies in March, expert panel discusses possible changes in City's election laws to improve voter turnout and save cash-strapped city money.

by Edward Headington (few years ago!)
Councilmember Jose Huizar Honors Top 90 Students in District

7th Annual Adelante Awards recognizes students from more than 40 Council District 14 Schools.

by Edward Headington (few years ago!)
JVC Broadcasting Signs Deal with Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay for New Talk Radio Show

'Voice of Independence' Set to Hit Airwaves in the Summer of 2010

by Steve (few years ago!)
Republican Majority Campaign PAC Endorses Robert Lowry in FL CD 20

The Republican Majority Campaign PAC endorses Republican Conservative Robert Lowry in Florida's 20th US Congressional District against liberal Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

by Daniel P. Diaz (few years ago!)
Preppers and Survivalists Attention: Revolution, 51st Century, A Must Read!

Preppers and Survivalists Attention: Revolution, 51st Century, A Must Read! Read the truth about Muslim extremism and the danger it poses to the American way of life. Treating terrorists as mere criminals by the criminal justice system fails to take into account the true nature of their threat to the American way of life.

by Ross Gallen (few years ago!)
California Executive Protection Firm Announces New Church Security Division

Gideon Protective Services, Inc. will offer comprehensive church security training, security consulting and executive protection to churches and synagogues of all faiths.

by Grant (few years ago!)
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