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J & K Coalition Government In Trouble

Political equations are changing in Jammu and Kashmir as time for fresh elections is approaching

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
UP Alliances

With elections dates been declared in Uttar Pradesh slated to begin next month in April all political parties have started looking for sleeping partners

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
Why Has The Budget Failed To Receive Any Applause

The detractors of the Finance Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram, may have had a field day in holding back their applause for the 2007 Budget in spite of buoyant revenues

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
Poll Results Strengthens Rajnath's Position

The resounding victory of BJP in Uttarakhand and Akali dal-BJP in Punjab has strengthened the position of the BJP president Rajnath Singh within the party

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
Congress To Look For Reasons For Poll Debacle

While conceding defeat in the Uttarakhand and Punjab Assembly elections, Congress has blamed hike in the price of essential commodities and a large number of party

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
Congress Plans To Lead Third Front In UP

In a significant move that could be of far-reaching implications and lead to the realignment of political forces ahead of crucial assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
Time For UPA To Heed Warning And Change

It is time for UPA Government at Centre to do some introspection and make the necessary corrections if it were not to end up like the NDA regime by looking at few indicators only like high rate of growth and booming stock markets to conclude that India was shining

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
Who Will Run For France Presidential Election In April-May 2007

Anything You Need to Know about Candidates to the French Presidential Election in 2007: Will Tell You

by Chevalier (few years ago!)
Mulayam's Bid To Garner Support From NDA

Chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has geared up efforts to garner support from the allies of the National Democratic Alliance who have opposed the imposition of President rule in the state.

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
Centre To Dismiss Mulayam Govt

The Union government seems to have made up its mind to impose president rule in Uttar Pradesh before February 26

by Raminder singh (few years ago!)
Politics Of Building Majority Through Defections Need Closer Examination

Whatever the politicians say must be taken with a pinch of salt as words acquire different meaning even if one were not to closely examine the motives

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
UPA In For Tough Time Ahead

The UPA's honeymoon with its political allies is over. The allies like Left parties, Rashtriya Janta Dal, Nationalist Congress Party

by Raminder Singh (few years ago!)
Media Project "Stories Of Faith" Flanked By ?Civilisations Matter?, A New Academy For Intercultural Dialogue

The initiators of the "Stories of Faith" project are developing a new academy for intercultural dialogue in Germany.

by Carola Klessen (few years ago!)
Secretary General Of World Religions For Peace And UN Consultant Becomes Advisory To Stories Of Faith

William F. Vendley, Secretary General of Religions for Peace (WCRP, New York) has been appointed a member of the Stories of Faith Advisory Board.

by Carola Klessen (few years ago!)
Powerful Peace Song Video By Greg Jones Reaching Worldwide

Greg Jones world peace song video GOD BLESS THE WORLD-NOT JUST AMERICA is declared very powerful. A MUST SEE VIDEO !

by Ken J. (few years ago!)
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