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European Parliament Passes Motion For Resolution On Pakistan

The European Parliament today passed a motion for resolution against Pakistan?s martial law.

by Maria Rutowicz (few years ago!)
Godless In America

Every presidential hopeful has talked about faith in their lives, but what do they think of those without it?

by Elena Salvatore (few years ago!)
Governor Schwarzenegger Casts Veto Of Harmful Card Check Bill In California, Reports The National Alliance For Worker And Employer Rights

The National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights praises the good work of Governor Schwarzenegger who cast his of veto of SB. 180 on October 14. Schwarzenegger showed great courage in standing up for Secret Ballot elections for farmers.

by Will Fine (few years ago!)
Peace Scholar Picks Thich Quang Do As 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

?If I had to pick who will win this year?s Nobel Peace Prize, I?d go with Vietnamese monk Thich Quang Do,? declares Scott A. Hunt, peace scholar and author of the award-winning book The Future of Peace: On the Front Lines with the World?s Great Peacemakers.

by Scott A. Hunt (few years ago!)
Giuliani Leads Gop With Romney Close Second

Strategic Vision?s latest polling results for Michigan.

by Laura Ward (few years ago!)
Giuliani Dominates Gop Field

Strategic Vision releases October polling results for New Jersey

by Laura Ward (few years ago!)
New Campaign Hooks - Hooked On Hillary

Women can now support their Presidential candidate as they support their handbag.

by Greg Washio (few years ago!)
New Presidential Politics Blog Let's Anyone Post: "You The People"

Asylum Communications is testing a new model of blogging that literally lets anyone register and post a blog entry. The blog is not one man's opinion, but every man's. "You the People" give the people back their voice.

by Head Honcho (few years ago!)
Giuliani Maintains Lead Among Gop Clinton Dominates Democratic Race

Florida Polling Results

by Laura Ward (few years ago!)
Romney Leads Gop With Giuliani Moving Into Second Clinton Jumps To Lead In The Democratic Race

Polling in Iowa on the 2008 Presidential Election

by Laura Ward (few years ago!)
Wall Street Journal Profiles Collegiate Forum Student Activist Jonathan Fantini Porter On Leadership

The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition's, Caitlin Noris, interviews the Collegiate Forum's President Jonathan Fantini Porter on the qualities of leadership and entrepreneurs.

by Winthrop B. Vandenberg (few years ago!)
The John Willingham For Mayor Campaign Has Selected Memphis Sound Entertainment To Produce And Manage Special Two Day Gala Event!

The John Willingham For Mayor Campaign Has Selected Memphis Sound Entertainment To Produce and Manage Special Two Day Gala Event! Additionally, Willingham taps Roy E. 'Woody' Degan III to be Director of Marketing, Fundraising, and Special Events.

by Donovan Johnson (few years ago!)
Black Women For Obama Adds New York To State Chapters

Today, Black Women For Obama announced the formation of a new chapter in the state of New York. That brings the total of official state chapters to seven, for the organization devoted to supporting the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.

by Talibah Modupe (few years ago!)
Official Press Release Of

A web portal on American Presidential Election-2008 VOTE YOUR FAVOURITE CANDIDATE NOW

by GIJO K V (few years ago!)
Greg 'peace Song' Jones Launches National Grassroots Campaign....blacks 4 Barack !

Announcing the launch of Greg Jones' BLACKS 4 BARACK national campaign !

by Ken Jackson (few years ago!)
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