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Malice Cloaked In Liberty By George Autry Jr., Wins Chaytor Foundation Literary Award

Book is first by Autry, Malice Cloaked in Liberty rips away the cloak of liberal thought and organizations who are undermining america?s safety and freedoms.

by Laura Ward (few years ago!)
Sen. John McCain?s Life Now Playing In Google Earth & Google Maps

Immersive multimedia biography uses Google Earth and Google Maps to convey Sen. McCain early life and military career.

by Matt McKee (few years ago!)
Big Green Tent For Bloggers At Democratic National Convention

For the First Time, Bloggers and New Media Journalists Will Have a Dedicated Facility and Resources for Covering the Democratic National Convention. Local organizations and national blogs team up with Digg, Google and YouTube to host The Big Tent new media center at the DNC August 25 ? 28.

by Morrison Shafroth (few years ago!)
IRS Investigating World's Leading Internet Evangelist

The New York Times has broken the story that Bill Keller, founder of with over 2.4 million subscribers to his Daily Devotional and host of the Liveprayer TV program, is under investigation for possibly violating his tax exempt status in speaking out last year against former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Mormon beliefs.

by Susan Zahn (few years ago!)
DecideBetter! Offers Vice Presidential Decision Making Advice To Mccain And Obama

Vice Presidential Decision Will Be The First Important Decision Made By Two Candidates DecideBetter! Founder Michael McGrath Offers Five Factors Candidate Should Consider When Making Their Choice

by Laura Ward (few years ago!)
War, The Ideology Of Small Minds And Large Nations

Young irreplaceable Americans, getting a good education is a terrific way to serve your country. Don't die for a lie.

by Bob Miller (few years ago!)
Reshaping The Presidency - New Web Site Invites Essays On Obama Will Publish Book of Best Submissions.

by Glenn Williams (few years ago!)
The Two Sides Of The UK Immigration Debate: To Open Or Shut The Door?

Two reports on UK immigration have been released and two contradictory ideas have come to the fore. Are there too many non-European foreigners in the UK or should there be more?

by T.Motsei (few years ago!)
New Mexico Governor Richardson: Best USA Secretary Of State 2008/complete Ideal Democrat Dream Team

My "dream team" would have Hillary as VP, Edwards as Attorney General, Richardson as Secretary of State, Dr. Dean Sec of Health or as FDA Commissioner, repairing damage done to USA international by Bush Neocons and 8 years of Corporate Kleptocracy!

by Stephen Fox (few years ago!)
Disaboom Announces Launch Of Official Barack Obama Profile

Http:// Highlights Candidate's Record.

by Erik Keith (few years ago!)
Celano Pledges No Political Action Committee If Elected

State House Candidate Pledges That He Will Adhere To The Highest Ethics In State Legislature. Challenges Opponent To Make Same Pledge.

by Laura Ward (few years ago!)
US Sidelines Legal Immigration Woes

As the American presidential race reaches a climax, issues around immigration come to the fore. Bills, amendments and propositions are on the cards in the debate over the millions of illegal citizens in the US; however the difficulties around legal immigration go almost unheard.

by Tamar Blieden (few years ago!)
Australian Skills Shortages Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

Australia urgently needs skilled workers, often from overseas, and so new initiatives to speed up the visa process have been billed to quicken the time it takes for foreigners to benefit from what Australia has to offer. In turn Australia profits through labour gains.

by Tamar Blieden (few years ago!)
Jim David Headlines Stand Up Comedy Fundraiser To Benefit Noah Sargent For New York State Assembly

Jim David Headlines Stand Up Comedy Fundraiser To Benefit Noah Sargent For New York State Assembly Enjoy the lighter side of politics with a night of comedy from comedians from Comedy Central.

by Noah Sargent (few years ago!)
A New Choice: Announcing An Independent Candidate For President

A. J. Wildman is officially announcing his intent to run as an Independent candidate for President in the November National Elections. His objective is to provide the American Voters with a third and viable choice. He wants to offer real leadership in the Democratic Revolution that is now required.

by Bobby Bernshausen (few years ago!)
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