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Politics press releases - 344 news release online. Open your net for Iran Open your net for Iran Internet activists open site for sharing ways to get around blocks, keeping touch with Iran, and also organizing protests outside Iran.

by Anonymous (few years ago!)
Sri Lankan News Site Launched-

Top Lanka News delivers the latest breaking news and information on the latest top stories, business, entertainment, politics, and more.

by Fernando DaSilva (few years ago!)
Thomas Tsilionis and Peter Smith for Roseland Borough Council

The Roseland Republican Committee proudly announces the kick off of their 2009 campaign.

by Thomas Tsilionis (few years ago!)
Hillary Clinton Ranks as Greatest First Lady

Hillary Clinton is ranked as the Greatest First Lady of all time to the surprise of many as the author of the top 10 list is a well know conservative republican presidential advisor and historian, Doug Wead.

by Glen Woodfin (few years ago!)
Former Philippine President To Open The East Asian Seas Congress 2009

PEMSEA has announced today that former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos will deliver the opening keynote address during East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress 2009 to be held in Manila, Philippines on 23-27 November.

by Maggie Uy (few years ago!)
Pasadena Patriots To Hold Huge "May Day" Anti-Socialism Rally

The Pasadena Patriots will host an anti-socialism protest on May Day at 4pm, Friday, May 1, 2009, on the steps of the historic Pasadena City Hall.

by Jonathan Wilson (few years ago!)
Obama?s First Hundred Days ? Over Six Hundred Laughs has racked up over 600 Obama jokes

by John Murphy (few years ago!)
Arlen Specter Changes Party - Making Headlines, Specter Becomes A Democrat After More Than 30 Years Of GOP Service

A long time republican, Arlen Specter made a splash in the news cycle with his announcement early Tuesday morning. What makes this such an interesting event is the placement of the democratic party within the White House and the houses of congress.

by Micah Carter (few years ago!)
The MENA Region Is Currently Exposed To The Dangers Of Natural Disasters

Across the MENA region ?in 2006, there were 27 natural disasters, with 537 people killed and 2,492,000 affected.? (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Annual Report 2006).

by Eileen Espelita (few years ago!)
uGov Reaches Launch Day

uGov celerbrates the launch day in style!!

by Christopher Downs (few years ago!)
The Icelandic Opportunity: Inspiration For A New World Model - To The Leaders At The G20 London Summit

A people's movement in Iceland, the Ministry of Ideas hereby outlines to the G20 leaders an opportunity for prototyping a sustainable world. After its recent rise and fall, Iceland offers a unique opportunity in history as the laboratory for prototyping the development of a sustainable model society in all areas, including democracy, economy, currency and energy.

by Gudjon Gudjonsson (few years ago!)
First Website To Give Access To Politicians Combines Social Networking And Politicians is an online network that provides interactive websites to politicians. Ryan Mitts (TCU Senior) and Casey Burgat (ASU Alum), have developed to help inform the voter. The interactive features take advantage of the latest technology and brings it to politics.

by faizaatif (few years ago!)
Artist Draws Mazes to Help Kidnapped Israeli Soldier

Maze artist Yonatan Frimer has created maze portraits in a show of solidarity with kidnapped Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit.

by Yonatan Frimer (few years ago!)
Elavi stages demonstration against peddlers Bill

Elavi Stages a series of performances outside the BBC as a demonstration against the injustice of the Manchester Peddlers Bill.

by Elavi (few years ago!)
CellBook's Mobile Technology Used in South African Politics

The Congress of the People - COPE, became the first political party in the history of South African politics to embrace mobile technology like no other political party has ever done before.

by Bertus Preller (few years ago!)
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