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Oxendine and Barnes Top Picks For Governor

Obama?s Job Approval Continues To Plummet, Large Majority Do Not Believe Racism Behind Opposition To President.

by David E. Johnson (few years ago!)
Connecticut Students Against The War Begins Statewide Organizing For November 1st 2009 Fall Mass Meeting

Connecticut Students Against the war begins organizing for its November 1st 2009 fall mass meeting featuring two special guest speakers.

by Wes Strong (few years ago!)
IIMSAM official Dr. Naseer Homoud congratulated the world on International Day of Democracy

IIMSAM Middle East Director & Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Naseer Homoud? message on International Democracy Day. Dr. Naseer call upon the governments to realize the grave issues related to world hunger and malnutrition so that real essence of democracy is achieved to all sections of the society.

by Farrukh (few years ago!)
Despite Fraud and Scam Attacks Superior Gold Group Supports Fox News Advertising Partnership

Despite Fraud and Scam Attacks Superior Gold Group Supports Fox News Advertising Partnership The Superior Gold Group has announced that it has renewed its advertising support of the Fox News Network, despite recent attacks from "Anti-Glenn Beck Liberal Activist Groups".

by Bruce Sands (few years ago!)
VentureDNA Releases ToonsWare, a Premiere Mobile App for the Apple iPhone, Featuring Syndicated Editorial Cartoons in Partnership with Tribune Media Services

ToonsWare is now available in the Apple iTunes App Store and Features Syndicated Editorial Cartoons through a Partnership with Tribune Media Services. You won?t have to tear out cartoons from your daily newspaper to scan and share, you can get them delivered daily to your iPhone to view, rate, discuss, and share with others via email.

by Jennifer Connors (few years ago!)
Statement by Government of Wirtland on anniversary of Georgia-Russia Conflict

The Government of Wirtland released the official Statement in connection with anniversary of the Russia-Georgia conflict of August 2008.

by Wirtland PR Department (few years ago!)
The 1st Annual Somali Diaspora Youth Conference: A Conference Emphasizing Identity, Hope, and Empowerment

On Friday and Saturday, the Somali Diaspora youth gathered at the nation?s capitol in their first annual ?Somali Diaspora Youth Conference.?

by Dekha Mohamed (few years ago!)
ADC Advocates Annang World Congress and New Nigerian States Based on Provinces

ADC Advocates Annang World Congress and New Nigerian States Based on Provinces Annang Development Congress (ADC) ? the Premier Think Tank for the Annangs, advocates an Annang World Congress event to bring all Annang Organizations together for unity and sustainable development.

by Isaac Udotong (few years ago!)
My Open Letter to President Obama

An Open Letter to President Obama Requesting $10,000 For Promoting Social Unity.

by Art Fusco (few years ago!)
The Catholic University of America College Democrats Named Best Chapter in Nation

At the College Democrats of America National Convention in Washington DC, The Catholic University College Democrats won the award for chapter of the year. Even at the Catholic University, a very conservative school, a group of college democrats have been named the best chapter in the nation, showing critics that you can be Catholic AND a Democrat.

by Patrick Hamilton (few years ago!)
Pave The Way Foundation Announces The Appointment Of Mr. Frank MacKay To Its Board Of Directors

Independence Party of America National Chairman Frank MacKay adds to his credentials by being appointed onto the Board of Governors of Pave The Way Foundation.

by Frank MacKay (few years ago!)
Culture Project?s Groundbreaking Series Launch ?Blueprint For Accountability? With Rachel Maddow and General Ricardo SanchezTo Premiere On Link TV Today 6/26/09

Today Link TV will air the Culture Project?s "Blueprint for Accountability" series' first event where General Sanchez, former top coalition commander in Iraq, called for a truth commission to investigate abusive interrogation techniques.

by Rachel Olin (few years ago!)
Jago Party establishes Unique ?Jago helpline?

Make a complaint, help abolish Corruption: Senior members of Jago Party core team will oversee ?Jago Helpline?. Helpline can be reached via SMS, phone, email, internet or Post. Complaints will be referred to concerned departments or officers. Periodical release of details of complaints, action thereon to media. First steps towards a truly sensitive and representative government.

by PK Khurana (few years ago!)
Expert Survey: EU Must Bring Expertise to Pakistan has published the results of its expert survey on EU policy toward Pakistan. Participants include the Council of the European Union, the Brookings Institution and the Islamabad Policy Research Institute. The survey results come at a critical time in EU-Pakistan relations.

by David Lebhar (few years ago!)
Political Website Launches to Organize Middle, Disenfranchised Voting Americans

Atlanta entrepreneurs recently announced the launch of a new political website designed to publicize, educate and organize the middle voting block of Americans who feel ignored by their once chosen political parties and are dissatisfied with the status quo. The founders are planning a tour of 50 state capitols in 50 days to assist in the publicity for the site.

by Matt Foley (few years ago!)
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