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Donaukurier Publisher supports Abolition of Freedom of Communication

Georg Sch?ff, the publisher of the Donaukurier newspaper, in a page-long interview of his own publication expresses his thoughts about Google Streetview. He argues that Google generally has problems with the constitutional system in Germany, but at the same time demands the abolishment of freedom of communication through actions undertaken by his paper.

by Peter Debik M.A. (few years ago!)
Dailypolitical.Com - Welcome O The World Of Politics is a news portal that features the latest breaking news and events pertaining to the current state of US politics, world politics , and the global economy. One of the fastest growing news outlets on the World Wide Web, Daily Political aims to connect readers with unbiased and factual coverage across the relevant domains of business.

by Mark Snyder (few years ago!)
You Are Invited To Meet & Hear All Republican Candidates in the Primary Contest For CA-CD11 (Currently Held By Democrat Jerry McNerney)

The Republican Party of San Joaquin County & The Delta College Republicans.

by Jessica Spiker (few years ago!)
Cenarrusa to serve as Honorary Chair for Veterans for Ward coalition

Vaughn has real experience protecting America that he can call upon in Congress to keep our citizens safe," said Pete Cenarrusa with a "Semper Fi.

by Caroline Merritt (few years ago!)
Sendah Launches Project Bantay Boto

Sendah, the unified online service for cross-border transactions launches Project Bantay Boto, in partnership with KilosKo Foundation. Project Bantay Boto is a way for expatriate Filipinos to support initiatives to insure clean and peaceful May 2010 National Elections in the Philippines.

by Dyza Portugal (few years ago!)
Independence Party To Endorse Senator Schumer

The Independence Party of New York will announce their endorsement of Senator Charles E. Schumer for his reelection bid.

by Steve (few years ago!)
Drew Rees Announces Candidacy for Tulsa County Commissioner District 3

The time has come and the County must take on a greater role in assisting all of its cities.

by Drew Rees (few years ago!)
Genocide Survivors; Armenian Community Leaders To Attend House Foreign Affairs Committee Mark-up Of Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.res.252)

Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.RES.252) will be coming up to vote on Thursday, March 4th, 2010 beginning at 10:00am.

by Elizabeth Chouldjian (few years ago!)
ANCA Launches 'End Turkey's Gag Rule' Campaign To End U.S. Complicity In Armenian Genocide Denial

Turkey, which has outlawed discussion of the Armenian Genocide within its own borders, is paying lobbyists millions to export its restrictions on free speech to the U.S.

by Elizabeth Chouldjian (few years ago!)
Abbey Business Centres Agree Gherkin Office Deal With Sky News For Flagship Business Show

Broadcasting powerhouse Sky News becomes Abbey's newest client at 30 St Mary Axe.

by James Finch (few years ago!)
New Feed-in Tariffs: German PV promotion decreases significantly

After heated debates, the coalition of CDU/CSU and FDP presents the latest decision of the cabinet regarding further cuts of the German feed-in tariffs for solar electricity.

by Daniel Pohl (few years ago!)
Maryland Civil Rights Group Launches Statewide Voter Campaign Website For 2010 Election Season

The GrassRoots Steering Foundation, Inc. announces the launch of 2010 Vote The Power! Campaign Website.

by T. Ridgley (few years ago!)
Illinois Lt. Governor Candidate Thomas Castillo States "It A Terrible Idea To Abolish The Office of Lieutenant Governor

Illinois Lt. Governor Candidate Thomas Castillo talk about the terrible idea of aboslishing the Lieutenant Governor's office.

by Thomas Castillo (few years ago!)
M.O.M. For America Announces Michelle Malkin Will Deliver The Keynote Address At Their First Annual Banquet

Conservative blogger, syndicated columnist, and New York Times bestselling author, Michelle Malkin, will be the keynote speaker at the M.O.M. for America Banquet on August 28, 2010 in Washington, DC.

by Leigh Ann Bellew (few years ago!)
Candidate Thomas Castillo Runs For Illinois Lt. Governor

Thomas Castillo, candidate for Lt. Governor is running for the office of Illinois Lt. Governor after 105,000 voters stated he is the best candidate.

by Thomas Castillo (few years ago!)
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