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Lost Ark Of The Covenant Found

The Ark of the Covenant as it is constructed in the Bible, with the ingredients that were used, was a vat used to cook essential oils from pith in a process known as electrochemical reduction. Pith is plant material; calamus; cinnamon; mryhh; vinegar or acid was added to the base which in those times was copper or iron.

by Norman Christian Hoffmann (few years ago!)
Global Warming And Light Phenomenon Found To Be Directly Related To The Reappearance Of Christ. The Revelations

Global Warming And Light Phenomenon Found To Be Directly Related To The Reappearance Of Christ. The Revelations An independent group formerly based in Columbia, South Carolina, conducted a 10 yr. fact finding mission and release their findings related to this phenomenon. Maurice Mayo, age 54, with over 20 yrs. experience in prophetic studies, quotes, ?From a nonreligious standpoint, after dealing with my emotions and depending on my intellect, I decided this was nothing that should be kept quiet.?

by Lynette (few years ago!)
Arkitek Visualizes Stem Cells For Riken Cdb

Arkitek Studios completes a new animation on the subject of stem cells for Riken?s Center for Developmental Biology (CDB), Kobe, Japan.

by Amy Jacobson (few years ago!)
Historic Tsunami-summit

The summit consists of nine formal sessions. In the first session of the summit, policy papers from more than 137 countries have been brought into deliberations. Distinguished academicians from over 1400 universities have contributed to prepare the ?Disaster Management Policy Paper?, of which, the final draft is primed for UN and the concerned agencies thereupon.

by TSUNAMI SYNDICATE (few years ago!)
Specialty Microscopes

Specialty Microscopes is your solution for obtaining the harder to find microscopy equipment.

by Hannah Infante (few years ago!)
How The Western World Could Stay Ahead - Without Recurring To Doubtful Methods

While science is the only means mankind can employ to tackle some of today's most pressing problems, the existing public aversion against science prevents fast solutions. To improve public awareness, let more people in to physics, and help students of all ages, an easily digestible e-book, first of a series, has been published: "Helium and More".

by Thomas Oestereich (few years ago!)
Teaching Genetics In 3d

Arkitek Studios teams with University of British Columbia to teach genetics using cutting edge 3D animation on the web.

by Amy Jacobson (few years ago!)
Metallurgical Microscopes

Metallurgical Microscopes is a microscope dealer providing high quality optical equipment for the inspection and research of metallurgical specimens.

by Hannah Infante (few years ago!)
Ancient Lunar/solar Calendar Reckoning Describes Time Written In Genesis. Ages For The Antediluvian Patriarchs, Better Known As The Begat Genealogy Following Adam, Are The Source For New Articles

We have written treasure that extends into the distant past in the legacy of advanced civilization. Active for over ten years, timeemits encourages visitors to learn about calendars of all cultures. Clark Nelson is webmaster for and author of Ages of Adam and sequel, Holy of Holies. Contact for more information.

by Clark Nelson (few years ago!)
Polarizing Microscopes

Polarizing Microscopes .com is your location for a huge variety of polarizing light microscopes.

by Hannah Infante (few years ago!)
Ore Microscopes

Ore Microscopes .com is your source for microscopes with the ability to view thick polished rock and mineral specimens under polarized light.

by Hannah Infante (few years ago!)
Is It Time For The People To Have Their Say On The Ufo Pheonomena

There are hundreds of documentaries and DVD's, thousands of books and millions of articles and websites in the world all chasing the UFO enigma.

by Michael (few years ago!)
New Opportunities In The Us Biofuel Market

The report addresses the key issues and facts like the economic impact of biofuel, the potential market segments, the opportunities and challenges that exist in the market, the past performances of biofuel in the US as well as the comparison of biofuel with conventional fuels according to the price.

by Bharat Book Bureau (few years ago!)
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