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Telepathx Self Managing Sensor Networks Set to Reduce carbon Emissions

Smart energy grid provider clinches second Frost & Sullivan industrial award

by Venka Gottenborg (few years ago!)
Author releases images taken from inside UFO

Taken on board an alien craft in 1988, author Miriam Delicado retains conscious memories of the abduction. Shortly after this experience, she sketched images and prepared detailed descriptions of the inside of the craft. Delicado also vividly recalls the messages of peace the beings gave her which bear remarkable resemblance to the Hopi prophecies.

by Maria van Santen (few years ago!)
BASF and Transinsight agree to collaborate in exploring alternatives to animal testing

BASF SE and Transinsight GmbH, a provider of semantic search technologies for Web 2.0, have agreed to establish close cooperation in the area of semantic analyses to search for alternatives to animal testing.

by Dr. Michael R. Alvers (few years ago!)
Higher Wood Chip Export Prices In Australia In 2008 As Wood Supply Tightens Around The Pacific Rim

Australia, which is the major supplier of hardwood chips to Japan, currently supplies 34% of the Japanese total import volume. The two other large Eucalyptus chip suppliers, Chile and South Africa, have also substantially increased their prices since early 2000.

by Hakan Ekstrom (few years ago!)
BioMedtrix Conference Now Offers Continuing Education Credits

Veterinary orthopedic firm gains approval to award required continuing education credits to animal health professionals attending conference

by Shelley Manley (few years ago!)
Animal Behavior Researcher Dr. Clive Wynne Investigates Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

University of Florida Canine Researcher, Dr. Clive Wynne discusses his research into claims that some dogs have the telepathic ability to know when their owners are coming home.

by Joni Johnston (few years ago!)
MEMS Foundry Makes The Cut For The 2008 EuroAsia IC Industry Awards

Micralyne Inc., a world leading MEMS foundry, has been selected as a finalist for the EuroAsia IC Industry Awards in the category of Foundry of the Year.

by Isaac Saraga (few years ago!)
PMI Announces New CapFlow Machine

New Advanced CapFlow focuses on speed and ease of use, as well as accurate results.

by Albert Teal (few years ago!)
Biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Takes On The Skeptics And Discusses New Research Into Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

Perrott-Warrick Scholar and Telepathy Researcher Dr. Rupert Sheldrake explains why Skeptics have targeted his research despite increasing acceptance among mainstream scientists.

by Joni Johnston (few years ago!)
Online Degree Schools Opening Announcement

A Keokuk, Iowa USA firm announces the opening of a free online degree school search. The Free search is a milestone which owner Keith Londrie II wanted to accomplish in 2008.

by Keith Klondrie (few years ago!)
Viaflo Wins LabAutomation 2008 New Product Award

Viaflo ( is a pleased recipient of the LabAutomation 2008 New Product award for their Vision family of handheld, single and multichannel electronic pipettors.

by Sara Gyllstrom (few years ago!)
UltraClenz Announces The Appointment Of Marina Willis As President/COO And Its Relocation To A New Facility

UltraClenz, LLC, a Florida based hand hygiene technology firm, has announced the appointment of Marina Willis as President/COO effective immediately.

by Charles P Johnston (few years ago!)
Psychic Medium Researcher, Dr. Julie Beischel Recounts Challenges Of Investigating The Afterlife In A University Setting

Windbridge Institute co-founder and after life researcher, Dr. Julie Beischel worked with psychic mediums at the University of Arizona for six years before heading out on her own. She shares her experiences and discusses her current research in this interview.

by Joni Johnston (few years ago!)
Psychological Screening Of Virus-handling Scientists Might Not Be A Bad Idea

This unique novel inspired James Mangum, author of Dead and Dying Angels , to say ??a nightmarish scenario, splicing bird flu and DNA manipulation with human despair.

by Trish Stevens (few years ago!)
New Proteomic Analysis Software Offers Unified Solution A Few Mouse Clicks Can Save Researchers Hundreds Of Hours

BIOINQUIRE, LLC announced the release of ProteoIQ, a new software suite for analyzing proteomic data that frees the researcher from the tedious task of sifting through piles of data, and allows him or her to do what they do best ? research.

by James A. Atwood (few years ago!)
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