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BITS Pilani Economics Graduate Elected To National Academy Of Sciences

Election to the Academy is universally considered as one of the highest honors that can be accorded to a scientist or engineer.

by BR NATARAJAN (few years ago!)
Terrorists And Technology Clash In A Computer Hall-Of-Famer's First Sci-Fi Thriller

Can the Aremac Project Save a Bomb-Shattered Chicago from Terrorists Bent on Destruction and Extortion? To find out, read THE AREMAC PROJECT, a new sci-fi thriller by award-winning author Gerald M. Weinberg.

by Claire Veligdan (few years ago!)
Human Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Antigen Now Available To Researchers From Lee Biosolutions

Protein that blocks the destructive effects of some enzymes available at

by Burton Lee (few years ago!)
New Research Reveals Top-Ten Most Common Grammar Errors

WhiteSmoke Grammar Software?s Research Analyzes One-Million Sentences a Month

by david brown (few years ago!)
Telepathx Embedded Rfid Sensors To Monitor Automobile Collisions

Sensor Network Provides Life saving Service

by James Eades (few years ago!)
Salivary Amylase Enzyme EC No From Human Saliva Now Available To Researchers From Lee Biosolutions

Lee Biosolutions is now providing Human Salivary Amylase to clinical researchers worldwide.

by Burton Lee (few years ago!)
How About A Near Light Speed Space Craft ?

Present day propulsion technology using kinetic energy propulsion invented by German Professor Oberth in the 1920?s.The technology is almost a 100 years old and pretty soon will be classified as an antique. What has the world?s scientific community invented that realistically can take man into the future? This rest of the line left blank as there is nothing to put down.

by The Inventor (few years ago!)
Bristol Academics Claim Branson's Prize

Scientists at the University of Bristol have cracked climate change. Less than a month into Richard Branson's five-year competition, academics will take their winning idea to Virgin Earth and walk away with a cool $25 million.

by HypothesisNull (few years ago!)
Rhys International Is A Global Distributor Of Laboratory Equipment And Supplies To The Scientific Industries

Our business is highly diverse across a broad spectrum of products and services.

by Barry Coyle (few years ago!)
Rhys International Has Recently Been Appointed By BYOTROL Plc To Distribute Their New Range Of Biocide Products Including Intersphere & Nanosphere Range

With the growing danger of contamination from pathogens such as MRSA, E-coli, Listeria and Salmonella, BYOTROL was specifically developed to destroy this growing menace offering Residuel Barrier Protection for 7 days or more, dependant on the application, the only formula of its kind in the World.

by Barry Coyle (few years ago!)
Automated Internal Perfusion With The Port-A-Patch

Nanion Technologies introduces the Internal Perfusion System for the Port-a-Patch;

by Michael George (few years ago!)
Lost Ark Of The Covenant Found

The Ark of the Covenant as it is constructed in the Bible, with the ingredients that were used, was a vat used to cook essential oils from pith in a process known as electrochemical reduction. Pith is plant material; calamus; cinnamon; mryhh; vinegar or acid was added to the base which in those times was copper or iron.

by Norman Christian Hoffmann (few years ago!)
Global Warming And Light Phenomenon Found To Be Directly Related To The Reappearance Of Christ. The Revelations

Global Warming And Light Phenomenon Found To Be Directly Related To The Reappearance Of Christ. The Revelations An independent group formerly based in Columbia, South Carolina, conducted a 10 yr. fact finding mission and release their findings related to this phenomenon. Maurice Mayo, age 54, with over 20 yrs. experience in prophetic studies, quotes, ?From a nonreligious standpoint, after dealing with my emotions and depending on my intellect, I decided this was nothing that should be kept quiet.?

by Lynette (few years ago!)
Arkitek Visualizes Stem Cells For Riken Cdb

Arkitek Studios completes a new animation on the subject of stem cells for Riken?s Center for Developmental Biology (CDB), Kobe, Japan.

by Amy Jacobson (few years ago!)
Historic Tsunami-summit

The summit consists of nine formal sessions. In the first session of the summit, policy papers from more than 137 countries have been brought into deliberations. Distinguished academicians from over 1400 universities have contributed to prepare the ?Disaster Management Policy Paper?, of which, the final draft is primed for UN and the concerned agencies thereupon.

by TSUNAMI SYNDICATE (few years ago!)
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