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Launching The Research Project GO3R To Develop A Knowledge-based Search Engine For Alternative Methods To Animal Experiments

Berlin, Germany - Starting in Aug. 2007 the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment is funding Transinsight's research project GO3R. It focuses on the development of a knowledge-based search engine for alternative methods to animal experiments. Transinsight is closely collaborating with scientists from the Centre for Documentation and Evaluation of Alternatives to Animal Experiments (ZEBET)

by Dr. Michael R. Alvers (few years ago!)
IMGENEX Exclusive North America Distributor For Dendritics

IMGENEX is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Dendritics SAS (Dardilly, France) to make their portfolio of highly characterized and validated monoclonal Dendritic cell research antibodies available to researchers in North America and India.

by Dr. Sujay Singh (few years ago!)
PressRelease May Hold Challenge For Duke Invisibility Claim

Auction event presents evidence that voids Duke University claim of first working invisibility cloak. By Dave Tobin

by Sonia Chering (few years ago!)
USB Microscopes Launches USB, The Best Source Of Quality Microscopes With USB Connectivity

USB Microscopes launches USB, the online USB connectable microscope provider.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Embryo Transplant Microscopes Makes The Embryo Transplant Process Safer And Easier To Monitor

Embryo Transplant now makes the process of monitoring and transplanting of embryos safer.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Projection Brings Projection Microscope Technology To The Field Of Study

Projection is proud to announce that it is making its line of projection microscopes available to learning institutions.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Teaching Answers All Microscopy Needs In The Field Of Teaching

Teaching announces it is the ultimate source for microscopes for classroom study and teaching applications.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Live Blood Labs Microscopes Provide The Most Innovative Blood Analysis Methods For Better Blood Analysis

Live Blood Labs Microscopes announces it provides three new methods for better blood and blood cell analysis and imaging.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Microscopes From Tissue Culture Produce The Clearest, Most Detailed Images To Be Studied In The Field Of Living Tissue Research

Tissue Culture provides the clearest and most detailed images typically used in studies involving living tissue cells and other biological applications.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Forensic Microscopes Provide The Best Tools In Forensic Analysis, Comparison, And Detection

Forensic now provides the ideal microscopy solutions in the field of forensic analysis, material comparison, and microscopic evidence detection.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Toolmakers Microscopes Announces The Solution To Microscopic Measuring Needs And Minute Detail Analysis

Toolmakers brings its line of precision microscopy and microscopic measurement equipment to the market, providing the best solution for precision microscopic measurement and analysis needs.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Low Power Microscopes Showcases The Biggest Array Of Stereo Microscopes Ever To Be Sold Online

Low Power announces it has the biggest selection of stereoscopic microscopes being sold on the internet.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Microscopic Images Now Seen In Better And Clarity And Greater Detail Through Phase Contrast Microscopy

Phase Contrast introduces the Phase Contrast microscope, a microscopy unit that allows the clear viewing of unstained biological material, far better than from ordinary compound light microscopes.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
Epi-Flourescence Microscopes Is Now The Ultimate Source For All Fluorescence Microscopy Needs

Epi-Flourescence announces it is the ultimate source for all fluorescence microscopy and equipment needs.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
ENT Provides The Best Quality Microscopes For Medical And Dental Surgery Applications

ENT is proud to announce that is currently the best source for top quality ENT microscopes and microscopy needs.

by Scope Masters (few years ago!)
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