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Arlo Gilbert Is Presently As A Scientist To The Country? Biggest Laboratory

Honoring such a feat like Arlo Gilbert?s is truly a history-making event. For once, it has launched him to greater heights in his career as a scientist.

by Bernaditte Cartujano (few years ago!)
Diversity Alliance For Science Conference Names Dr. Gyan Prakash As Keynote Speaker

Nation?s First Transformational Medical Technologies Initiative Director To Speak At Inaugural Event.

by Patty Briguglio (few years ago!)
Cyclone Nargis Rapid Response - IKONOS Images Assess Burma (Myanmar) Damage

As aid workers from around the globe rush to send food, water, and medical care to the storm-ravaged Irrawaddy Delta region of Burma, GeoEye?s IKONOS Satellite tracks the extent of Cyclone Nargis? damage.

by Leo J. Romeijn (few years ago!)
Diversity Alliance For Science Releases Podcast On Speakers And Panels At Inaugural Conference And Expo

Board Member Alison Macpherson Addresses Notable Presentations At The 2008 Event.

by Patty Briguglio (few years ago!)
Problems In Western Science Resolved By Occult Science

New Book Unlocks Answers to Mysteries of Cosmology, Evolution, Consciousness and the Nature of Light and Matter.

by Daniel Bass (few years ago!)
Diversity Alliance For Science Names 2008 Board Of Directors

Industry Leaders Support Increasing Diversity In Life Sciences Space

by Patty Briguglio (few years ago!)
Preston Castle Foundation Begins Overnight Stays In Haunted Castle

The Preston Castle Foundation in an effort to continue renovation on the Preston Castle, are beginning fundraising efforts by allowing the paranormal research group, "Ghost Trackers", based in Santa Clara, California to begin overnight stays.

by Gloria Young (few years ago!)
MakroCare Opens Europe Office At Frankfurt, Germany

New Jersey: The US-based MakroCare, a multidisciplinary knowledge and technology driven clinical research organization (CRO), has opened its Europe office in Frankfurt, Germany.

by shah.Javid (few years ago!)
A New View In 2009 - DigitalGlobe Announces Launch Of New Satellite

The launch partner for DigitalGlobe?s new WorldView-2 satellite has finally been announced. The first satellite to detect four additional bands of color, this earth-orbiter will soon produce some of the most accurate satellite images available. Engineers in oil and gas, environmental protection, and city planning will find these images valuable for future construction and research projects.

by Leo J. Romeijn (few years ago!)
National Poll Finds That Corn Products Are Really "NUTS"

Corn products for fuel can have contributed to a 200% rise in the price of corn since January, 2007. That gain translates to an increase of 75% in the price of gasoline, 115% in the price of oil, 20% in overall food prices and even an increase of up to 30% in insurance rates.

by karthik (few years ago!)
University Of Florida Researcher Investigates Dogs That Know When Their Owner Comes Home

University of Florida Researcher Investigates Dogs that Know when Owner Comes.

by Joni Johnston (few years ago!)
Company Offers Units For Lead Content Detection

Skyray XRF offers non-destructive solutions for hazardous substance detection with desktop and portable x-ray fluorescence instruments.

by Jeff Henseler (few years ago!)
New Netherlands Resource To Offer New Studies On Psilocybin

New information on psilocybin has been unveiled through a new source that has been working close with studies to prove the beneficial effects of psilocybin.

by Tommy Plooje (few years ago!)
Vanessa Hill To Emcee Diversity Alliance For Science Inaugural Conference

Former Charleston ABC News Anchor To Host Organization?s National Networking And Expo Event

by Patty Briguglio (few years ago!)
Gary Piazzo, Program Director Of The Southern Research Molecular Libraries Screening Center To Present At GTCbio?s 3rd Assay Development & Screening Technologies Conference

Dr. Gary Piazzo, Program Director of the Southern Research Molecular Libraries Screening Center at Southern Research Institute will be giving a presentation at GTCbio?s 3rd Assay Development & Screening Technologies Conference on June 5-6, 2008 in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Piazzo will be speak on ?HTS to Identify MRP1 Inhibitors for Reversal of Multidrug Resistance.?

by Rania Hafez (few years ago!)
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