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Pick Up Your Copy Of, "Every Soldier Counts!" A Powerful Documentary Film, Which Features Over 30 Of Today's Most Influential Women In Ministry!

We Ask The Question: Do Women Have The Right To Preach? Every Soldier Counts, a compelling and controversial documentary film that sheds profound insight into the lives, day to day struggles, and the opposition faced by Women In Ministry.

by Mr. A. R. Johnson (few years ago!)
New South Asian Media Watchdog Formed To Deal With Media Rights Violation

A new media watchdog christened South Asian Media Commission, will monitor journalists' safety and violation of media rights and publish periodical reports.

by Shouvik Mukherjee (few years ago!)
How And Why Millions Celebrate The Birth Date Of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard

The birth date of Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, is celebrated in 160 countries during March by the church, which now numbers about nine million members world-wide. With such wide membership and influence, the question has been raised by millions more as to how this annual event is celebrated.

by Sharyn Runyon (few years ago!)
Strengthening Legal Framework For Islamic Financial Services

Five Legal and Shari?ah Issues in Islamic finance to be discussed at the 3rd IFSB Seminar on Legal Issues in the Islamic Financial Services Industry - Surveys on Legal and Shari'ah Issues.

by Siham Ismail (few years ago!)
New Christian House Sitting Service Launched

Worldwide Christian house sitting service bringing Christian home owners and house sitters together.

by R White (few years ago!)
God Speaks And Gives Advice

The one of a kind Prayer and Scripture Ministry, , is transforming lives around the world through the authoritative power of God?s Word.

by Cherie Hill (few years ago!)
The Real Jesus Secret James Cameron Doesn't Know

James Cameron recently shocked the world with his claim to have found the tomb of Jesus and Mary. Across the world archaeologists came out against his claims and bloodline conspiracy theorists jumped for joy.

by Michael (few years ago!) Announces Launch Of New On-Line Prayer Group is a new website which creates an on-line prayer group. Users can come to the site and create prayers and let others add support for the prayers, creating an on-line community.

by Mike (few years ago!)
Prayerful Community Action For 21st Century Churches

The Enfys Acumen is a leading organisational development and coaching practice and specialises in working with people who want to move from dreaming to action. Founder, Nigel Griffiths has developed a new programme to support churches to revisit their community roots and carry out what he calls ?Prayerful Community Action?.

by Nigel Griffiths (few years ago!)
A New Faith & Work Website For Women:

God's Love @ Work is a Christian outreach initiative purposed to cultivate the heart of Jesus Christ in women so they may in turn share God's love in the marketplace.

by Margaret D. Mitchell (few years ago!)
Jewish Foundation For The Righteous Appoints New Education Director Christine E. Van Der Zanden, Ph.d

Christine van der Zanden was recently appointed Director of Education at The JFR, a non-profit organization that identifies, honors, and financially supports aged and needy non-Jews who risked their lives to rescue Jews during the Holocaust.

by Jerry Schranz (few years ago!)
Say What You Mean When Defending The Faith

New homeschool communication and Bible Apologetics course for upper grade levels is released.

by Mrs. JoJo Tabares (few years ago!)
KidZap! Celebrates Five Years On The Web

Founded in January 2002, KidZap! has now been around for five years.

by rod janz (few years ago!)
The Liberal Rite Expresses Support For The Universalist Christian Association

The Liberal Rite Expresses Support For The Universalist Christian Association The Liberal Rite, a Universalist denomination in the tradition of Liberal Catholicism, expresses its support for the work of the Universalist Christian Association, an organisation bringing Christian Universalists of many denominations and backgrounds together.

by Mt. Revd. J. Kersey (few years ago!)
?Married Priests Now!? A Cause For Our Generation, Says The Liberal Rite

The Liberal Rite indicates its support for the Married Priests Now! Prelature led by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo

by Mt. Revd. J. Kersey (few years ago!)
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