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Divorced Christian Pays Penance With Book On Marriage

Divorced Christian Pays Penance With Book On Marriage For many divorced Christians, the topic of marriage creates clouds of guilt and sorrow. Divorc ?e, K.C. Cristian, admits struggling with like emotions after she received her final decree in 2004. Yet, this Decatur, GA resident refused as she says, " to wear the funky albatross of a failed Christian marriage forever."

by KC Cristian (few years ago!)
The Secret Of Raising Your Level Of Expectation? Meet Psalmist Bridgett Draper And Find Out!

God is not about putting on a show for the world; He is about real ministry, real lives, bringing healing, and restoration on a personal one-on-one level with His people. On August 31, 2007 Psalmist Bridgett Draper will be the guest of Pastor T. Gilstrap and Glory Train Ministries where she will minister in the spoken word and song.

by Etienne A. Gibbs (few years ago!)
The Episcopal Church: A Safehaven For Homosexuals

A Safehaven for Homosexuals is a passionate outreach to the authorities of the Episcopal Church and the Christian Homosexual.

by Tyrone Short (few years ago!)
Questico Opens Its UK Internet Portal

Well known personalities in the British esoteric scene give around the clock guidance

by Emina Sahovic (few years ago!)
Web Site Allows Christians Worldwide To Receive A Live Blessing From Nazareth

Web Site Allows Christians Worldwide To Receive A Live Blessing From Nazareth Receive a personal blessing from the priest in the Annunciation Church in the holy city of Nazareth and watch him say your name and your blessing in a LIVE broadcasting from the Annunciation church

by Ronny (few years ago!)
New Internet Resource For Christian Women

Dallas Ministry establishes new Internet Presence and Resources for Christian Women

by John Greene for L. Pearson (few years ago!)
Message To Muslims

A contested point between a decided Christian point of view and a Muslim point of view. Will ANYONE stand up and speak out against the outrages? Why Americans SHOULD fear Allah, and the Muslim religion in general.

by Chuck Salisbury (few years ago!)
Jewish Family Torah Site Launches

Jewish site for all people

by (few years ago!)
Rock Concert In Need Of Moral Attention

The rock group, KATONE, led by singer/songwriter, Tris Katone, is on tour selling sex, suicide, and anarchy to minors, and desecrating the Catholic Church.

by Laura Alverio (few years ago!)
Tsunami Predicted To Hit The East Coast Of America On 25th December 2007

Parable-Based evidence is used to predict the date of a tsunami.

by Alasdair Laurie (few years ago!)
Is Your Priest Or Pastor A Servant Of The Lord Or A Slave To The Church?

Founder of the Enfys Acumen, Nigel Griffiths tells us about a new feature of his organisational development and coaching practice.

by Nigel Griffiths (few years ago!)
Pray Your Family Free: Let July 4th Be Your Family?s Independence Day

This July 4th, while we?re busy over the grill or swimming in the pool and basking in the sun, Christian Nibblets suggests that we take the time to also reflect on what it means to be truly free and what this means for our unsaved family and friends.

by Nastasia Cole (few years ago!)
Two New Books On Prayers In The Bible And New Website For Bible Games

GIL Publications is celebrating the launch of it new website: with a FREE book: 101 Prayers in the Bible: Biblical Lessons and Bible Scriptures.

by Akili Kumasi (few years ago!)
Christians Turning To Christ-Centered Meditation For Peace, Relaxation, And Time With God

Worried, stressed, or feeling disconnected from God? Christian meditation may be the answer. Author Rhonda Jones has produced a series of Christian meditation and relaxation CDs that encourage Christians to meditate, release their anxiety to Christ, and spend more time with God. It was meditation integrated with the scriptures that helped Jones overcome years of depression.

by Rhonda Jones (few years ago!)
Motion Picture Development Company Creates High Quality Sermon Media For Pastors

A Motion Picture Development Company announces its Grand Opening of, which creates and distributes culturally relevant, high-quality sermon media for Church Pastors and Christian Communicators.

by Cris Cunningham (few years ago!)
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