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96 Counties Now On Board For Statewide Operation Inasmuch

First statewide event scheduled for April 19, 2008.

by Graham Wilson (few years ago!)
New Web Site Touts Mitt Romney For President

In an attempt to educate people on what Mormons really believe, Bill Keller ? who coined the infamous phrase, "a vote for Romney is a vote for Satan" ? now wants to hold high-profile Christians accountable for endorsing Romney's bid for the presidency.

by Susan Zahn (few years ago!)
Researchers Launch 'Pseudo-Scientology Website'

With everything from religion definitions to the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, to news highlights from around the world, to traditional Christian concepts, offers an introduction and ongoing examination of the 20th Century's most misunderstood religion - Scientology.

by J.D. Hunter (few years ago!)
New Online Resource For The Kosher Community New Web Site Provides Daily News, Kashrut Alerts, And Discounts For Kosher Consumers

With the launch of the Web site, the kosher community now has access to a comprehensive resource for information about kashrut on the Internet. To help kosher customers make better food choices, provides daily updates on changes to food?s kosher status due to mislabeling or new certification. The site also features product certification alerts, label clarificatio

by Sandy Shields (few years ago!)
Christian Design Firm Creates Unique Website Entitled " Salted Websites ", To Help Churches And Small Businesses Obtain A Website Of Their Own

A fresh new idea in making professionally designed websites affordable for churches and small business owners has been created. Salted Websites are professionally designed, "ready-made" websites which can be customized for each individual customer by a professional designer. The websites are then created in a way so that the customer can edit the text on the pages themselves.

by Eddie Lepp (few years ago!)
The Sweet Smell Of Success For Local Companies In Cleckheaton

Two local companies are collaborating on a joint project to launch an online perfume shop. The Cleckheaton based beauty store Body & Soul has selected Keyclicks, local digital marketing agency, to build and manage the site.

by marketing (few years ago!)
Class Offers Connection To Ancestral Wisdom

Spearmangroup will offer a course that aims to reach back to go forward and provide attendees with information necessary to overstand how the wisdom of our ancestors can produce the healing.

by Baba Lawrence (few years ago!)
HFC International Begins Documenting The Harvest In HD

A U.K. based charity has begun production of four high definition films for TV and general release in 2008. Their award nominated films have been broadcast worldwide.

by Agapelive (few years ago!)
True Story Of Exorcism Is Topic Of New Book

Author Shares a First Hand Account of Demonic Possession and Deliverance

by J. Stephen Conn (few years ago!)
Success On Catholic Matchmaker New Zealand

Catholic Matchmaker NZ is a unique site that has the blessing and endorsement of the Catholic Church in New Zealand. It started in September 2007, and has had its first engagement announced.

by Clare Omvig (few years ago!)
In The Footsteps Of Templars Past, Two Men Create A New Path Of Peace ? One Step At A Time

Brandon Wilson?s historic recent 11-country, 2-continent walk for peace is recounted in his inspiring new book: Along the Templar Trail: Seven Million Steps for Peace.

by Tony Roberts (few years ago!)
Best Selling Author And Life Coach Paula White To Be Presenter At The 16th Annual Trumpet Awards

Best Selling Author and Life Coach Pastor Paula White of Paula White Ministries will be among the presenters at the 16th annual 2008 Trumpet Awards being held this Sunday, January 13th, in Atlanta, Georgia.

by Susan Zahn (few years ago!)
Critically Acclaimed Mini-series ?Jesus Of Nazareth" Premiers On Trinity Broadcasting Network, Sunday, Jan 13th, 7:00 Pm Pst

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the world leader in faith-based and family friendly television programming has confirmed that the critically acclaimed 6 hour mini-series "Jesus of Nazareth" (1977) which chronicles the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus based on the accounts given in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John will begin airing this Sunday, at 7:00 PM PST on TBN

by Susan Zahn (few years ago!)
Highly Controversial Internet TV Program "Liveprayer With Bill Keller" Scores Bigs With Viewers Its First Week On The Net!

St. Petersburg FL (Jan 11, 2008) The controversial "LivePrayer with Bill Keller" program that aired on CBS for nearly 5 yrs before being taken off due to pressure from Islamic activist group CAIR has scored big with Internet viewers in its first week of airing on the net!

by Susan Zahn (few years ago!)
CorFun Inc. Is Pleased To Announce The Launch Of The New Heart Of Titus Ministries Website

CorFun Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the new Heart of Titus Ministries Website, Heart of Titus Ministries is a Christian based ministry focusing primarily on evangelism, discipleship and strengthening the family in South America.

by Henry Bentley (few years ago!)
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