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Local Churches Pool Resources To Offer Alpha Course

COC Heybridge and Maldon Elim churches join together to offer introduction to Christianity

by Ben Lloyd (few years ago!)
Creative Arts Center For Spiritual Living Celebrates Third Anniversary With Move To Larger Location That Seats 200 People

Spiritual tools continue to be offered to enable attendees and online participants to recharge their lives, heal their bodies, attain success, find financial freedom and improve their relationships.

by David Sheldon (few years ago!)
Best-Selling Authors Join Families With Faith To Discuss The Sensitive Subject Of Godly Submission

Dr Brian and Tara Lewis join Christian family talk radio show to discusses marital roles and submitting to the order of God, this Saturday, September 18th, 2010 at 6pm.

by Letetia Mullenix (few years ago!)
Sci-D'vine Foundation Announces Its New Chapter In Bihar

Addressing the media Param Pujya Swami Ram Kripal Ji, Founder Sci D'vine Foundation elaborated upon the values, vision, workshops, initiatives and achievements of Sci-D'vine Foundation.

by Prakash Arya (few years ago!)
First Hinduism Summit (Hindu Dharma Sabha) in California receives overwhelmingly positive response

Powerful speeches, engaging presentations, resounding resolutions, ancient Sanskrit verses and exhibitions about Hindu Dharma marked the first Hinduism Summit in California.

by Rajal Joshi (few years ago!)
Local Austin Pagans Celebrate Autumnal Equinox and Host 10th Annual Austin Pagan Pride Day

Austin Pagans gather for the 10th year to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox and share knowledge with others in the hopes of eliminating religious prejudice and discrimination.

by kimberly hancock (few years ago!)
New Book Answers, Why Am I Here and What the Real Truths are About Life

New Book Answers, Why Am I Here and What the Real Truths are About Life How did the universe start? How will the universe end? What existed before the stars? Does your life have any meaning? Does God know me and care for me? What was God's first gift to the world? Is God still involved with both Mankind and Creation? Can you believe in the Big Bang and still be a Christian? Find answers in the book, "I Am, the Great Creator God".

by Haven Mankin (few years ago!)
Last Meeting At Maldon Friary for COC Heybridge

Sunday 29th August marks last meeting at the Friary for local church.

by Ben Lloyd (few years ago!) Offering A Free Copy Of "The Christian Husband" To August Contest Winner

Newly registered subscribers have chance to win book From FamilyLife Today cohost Bob Lepine.

by David Edmisten (few years ago!)
California Hinduism Summit to discuss Hindu identity, human rights and issues facing Hindus in America

The Hindu community in California is all abuzz with the news of the fast approaching Hinduism Summit. The Summit aims to answer questions, dispel misconceptions, increase the understanding and provide practical guidance about Hinduism through speeches made by prominent Hindu leaders, posters on Hindu Dharma and videos regarding spiritual science.

by Rajal Joshi (few years ago!)
Plachta, Murphy Sponsors "Fathered by God" Series: Man's Journey to Wholeness

This eight week series starting in September is intended to help empower men in their own faith and spirituality. By joining with other spirituality-minded from all faith transitions for this ongoing weekly series focusing on men's unique spiritual needs and development on their faith journey, it is hoped that each man who participates will grow deeper in their faith and discover their gifts.

by Jeremy M. Johnson (few years ago!)
2010 ECKANKAR NC Seminar Talk On Mastering Life's Challenges: "Reliance On The Inner Master"

Spiritual Tools for Mastering Life's Challenges is the theme of the 2010 ECKANKAR North Carolina Regional Seminar to be held August 27-29th in Asheville.

by Anne Archer Butcher (few years ago!)
Ball Publications Christian Books Announces New Release Of Simply Christian Digizine

Simply Christian Digizine is a online digital magazine that will focus on one bible-scripture reference to be used and applied to all aspects of your life on a bimonthly basis!

by Wanda Ball (few years ago!)
Empowerment Conference with Rev John Ndungu from Kenya in Seattle.

Empowerment Conference with Rev John Ndungu from Kenya in Seattle. God's servants Rev John and Grace Ndungu of Integrity Faith Ministries Nakuru, Kenya, are coming to Seattle, WA for an Empowerment Conference to be held from September 3rd - 5th 2010 (see below for the venues). Kiki Mutungi an award winning gospel-recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia will also be ministering.

by solomon nganga (few years ago!)
North Carolina Eckankar Seminar Talk: "There is No Death," by Canadian Hospice Worker

At the 2010 North Carolina Eckankar Regional Seminar, Canadian Barbara Morningstar's talk on Saturday will be entitled: "There is No Death."

by Anne Archer Butcher (few years ago!)
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