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Chemicals Feed Hopes And Fears - Covalence Chemical Industry Report 2007

Without their products chemical companies would be praised as ethical leaders. Chemical products are a space for complex and emotional debates where it is hard to register reputation gains, states a report published today by Geneva-based ethical reputation research firm Covalence ? Covalence Chemical Industry Report 2007.

by Antoine Mach (few years ago!)
Vista Paint Retail Stores Go Live On The DEACOM POS System

Deacom, Inc. announces that Vista Paint, one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of fine architectural coatings for residential, industrial, and commercial use in the United States, has implemented the DEACOM Point-of-Sale (POS) Software System throughout its 46 retail store locations in California and Nevada.

by Susan Shaw (few years ago!)
Wholesale Food Processing Products From Ward Chemical

Ward Chemical is a wholesale supplier of Calcium chloride food processing products. They manufacture and supply organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, and soil neutralizer, oil drilling fluids, cement accelerators, refrigerants and food processing products.

by Wardchem (few years ago!)
Largest Suppliers Of Calcium Chloride Organic Fertilizer-

Ward Chemical is one of North America?s largest suppliers of calcium chloride organic plant fertilizer. The company supplies wholesale organic fertilizer all across North America. Ranked amongst the most reliable sources for organic calcium fertilizer, Ward Chemical produces the perfect soil additive fertilizer.

by Wardchem (few years ago!)
Ward Chemical- Calcium Chloride Supplier In Canada is one of the largest manufacturers of premium liquid calcium chloride in North America. From our well located at Calling Lake in Alberta, we supply standard and custom concentrations of the finest calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide to several satisfied customers all across North America.

by Wardchem (few years ago!)
New Report Says Us Demand For Mining Chemicals Will Surpass $2 Billion In 2011

Piribo, the online destination for business intelligence for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, has now added a new report which finds that US demand for mining chemicals is projected to surpass $2 billion in 2011.

by E Bailey (few years ago!)
Bad Air Sponge Offers Two Unique Affiliate Programs

The Bad Air Sponge and Goodbye Odors have announced today several affiliate Programs offering business opportunities for extra income potential. These affiliate programs are available both as on and off line programs.

by Nicolas DAlleva (few years ago!)
New Septic Tank Treatment From NewTechBio

Newtechbio, Inc. announces the release of a septic tank, drainfield and leachfield complete restoration package for large and small applications to safely unclog blocked systems.

by Brad Ski (few years ago!)
Flexible Viton(R) Rubber Tubing, Stocked In Two Hardnesses, Provides Exceptional Chemical Resistance

Viton tubing is available in 60 and 75 Shore A durometers. The chemical-resistant tubing handles temperatures to 400?F. Applications include appliances, chemical transfer, hot lubrication feeds, o-rings, seals, exhaust lines, and peristaltic pumps.

by Sales Team (few years ago!)
Isochem Views Albemarle's Patent Infringement Allegations As Unjustified

German chemicals company Isochem GmbH defends itself against allegations of patent infringement made in court by US giant Albemarle

by Udo Schroeter (few years ago!)
Proposition 65 Compliant Pad Printing & Screen Printing Inks - Sapphire From Inkcups Now

In 2007, the toughening of California Proposition 65 requires printing companies to switch to biologically safer inks. Sapphire series pad printing / screen printing ink from Inkcups Now are compliant with Proposition 65 as well as other national and international biological safety standards

by Mike Bissel (few years ago!)
Demand For Stearates In Russia Changes Its Structure

According to UK-based market research firm Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd., stabilizer products ? which are mainly based on stearates ? demonstrate a shift towards ecologically-safe (cadmium-free) thermostabilizers.

by Marina Kulikova (few years ago!)
Annual Polyacetals Consumption Is Forecast To Grow By An Average Of 5% In Europe And By A Total Of 6-7% Worldwide

The demand for polymers grows with the arrival of new polyacetal grades which unveil novice applications in many areas, including medicine, sanitary (resistance to detergents), automotive industry, and others.

by Marina Kulikova (few years ago!)
The Demand For Dry Building Mixes In Russia May Grow By 10 Times By 2010

In order to cover current needs of residential building, the production of dry building mixes (DBM) in Russia should account for more than a half of a total volume of construction mortars.

by Marina Kulikova (few years ago!)
The Demand For Polybutylene Terephthalate Is Forecast To Grow In 2007

China exhibits the highest growth with respect to the demand for polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).

by Marina Kulikova (few years ago!)
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