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New Lead in BASF Crop Protection Europe

F ollowing four years as Group Vice President of the BASF Crop Protection Regional Business Unit Europe, Klaus Welsch will take over the lead of a senior project within BASF.

by Jana Goedicke (few years ago!)
Researchers from BASF and KIT jointly develop integrated processes to produce nanostructured functional materials

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and BASF SE have founded ?IP3? (innovative products, intelligent particles, integrated processes), a joint laboratory for process technology in Karlsruhe. JointLab is run by the two partners on an equal footing, initially for a period of five years.

by Christian B?hme (few years ago!)
ContiTech and BASF Reach New Milestone in Lightweight Construction

anover and Ludwigshafen, December 2009. New applications for lightweight components are constantly being found in the automotive sector.

by Dr. Sabine Philipp (few years ago!)
BASF insulation material Neopor for set construction and decorative interior insulation

The film set designer Artrockz, Germany uses Neopor?, the expandable polystyrene (EPS) from BASF, to produce surface facings for decorative structures.

by Dr. Ulla Biernat (few years ago!)
Brilliant Solutions with Leather Technology from BASF for innovative and environment-friendly products and processes

The India International Leather Fair (IILF) will be held from January 31st to February 3rd 2010 at the Trade Center in Chennai, Tamil Nadu Province, India. BASF will be located in Hall 2 Booth C 60, C 61, C 78 and C 79.

by Katharina Maria Unger (few years ago!)
New packaging for an all-round talent from BASF

A new plastic film, for which a patent has been applied, will protect BASF?s pharmaceutical excipient polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) in future even better against the penetration of atmospheric oxygen and thus against oxidation.

by Stefanie Hofmann (few years ago!)
Foam Finishing Appication Replaces Padding

Jiangsu Kuangda Automobile Textile Group. of China has installed a Foam Finishing line to implement their `Green`goals to reduce water and energy costs.

by Richard Golonko (few years ago!)
Rubachem - A Benchmark for Direct marketing of industrial cleaning products announces new Safety Blog

Rubachem ? the cutting edge leader in industrial cleaning products is now breaking ground in the blogosphere.

by Jason Rubach (few years ago!)
New metal-based inks enable cost-efficient production of flexible antennas for RFID tags

CypoPrint ? is the name of a new range of metal-based inks from BASF destined for the production of flexible antennas for RFID tags.

by Isabell Krennrich (few years ago!)
Improvements for farmers and the environment: New sustainable packaging for crop protection products

Just in time for the start of the 2010 spring season, BASF Crop Protection will be launching its new, eco-friendly packaging for crop protection products in Europe. Developed with farmers to meet their needs, this novel packaging system offers easy handling, time savings as well as improved safety, whilst reducing agriculture?s carbon footprint.

by Jana Goedicke (few years ago!)
BASF starts up a new production facility for intermediates

After a two-year construction phase, BASF today (November 30, 2009) started up a new plant complex for the production of the chemical intermediates cyclopentanone (CPon) and cyclododecanone (CDon) at its Ludwigshafen Verbund site.

by Ursula von Stetten (few years ago!)
3:1 for More Climate Protection

BASF is the first company in the world to voluntarily compile details of its carbon footprint on a regular basis. The results now published for 2008 show that when used by customers, BASF products save three times more greenhouse gas emissions than are released in the manufacture and disposal of all products made by BASF. The company published its first carbon footprint in February 2008.

by Jennifer Moore-Braun (few years ago!)
BASF wins award for best sustainability report

BASF today received an award for the best German sustainability report in 2008.

by Eva-Maria Berg (few years ago!)
BASF consolidates its European capacities for XSB paper coating binders

BASF?s paper chemicals division will close production of XSB (carboxylated styrol butadiene) paper coating binders at its sites in Guturribay (Spain), Kaipiainen (Finland) and Rib?court (France) by mid-2010.

by Andrea H?rdt (few years ago!)
Cleaners Extend Reach into Accessories Market

Cleaning Products Manufacturer Adds a Polishing Ball to Extensive Line of Products.

by Blake Bancroft (few years ago!)
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