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Rhinoplasty Surgery By Indicure

Rhinoplasty or Nasal surgery is a surgical procedure to refine and reshape your nose to improve it's appearance. Rhinoplasty may also be performed to reduce the dorsal hump, modify the nasal tip, narrow the nostrils, reduce the width of the nose, change the angle between the nose and the upper lip, and straighten or narrow the nasal bridge.

by Shweta Bhargav (few years ago!)
American Ladies Put Up Their Knees For Gender Specific Knee Replacements In Chennai Hospital

American women with knee arthritiis are now getting back on their feet sooner and lighter, thanks to less invasive Gender specific knee replacements by an Indian Orthopedic surgeon. Middle aged women without medical insurance find the cost and quality of surgery unparalleled. Indian knee specialist Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam was one of the first surgeons in India to use this iinnovative prosthesis.

by DR.A.K.Venkatachalam (few years ago!)
Preventative Dental Care Gets Overlooked By Employers

People needing preventative dental care are falling short in some states. Businesses failing to offer benefits and high prices both hinder access.

by Micah Carter (few years ago!)
Heart Anatomy 3d To Educate Patients - Animation Video From Your Practice Online

Your Practice Online, a medical website development company has released a 3D animation video on Heart Anatomy for improved patient education

by Deepthi Kumar (few years ago!)
Research Problems? Is The Sole Solution

"If you desire to GET the best in QUALITY ESSAYS at a GRADE of A+, GETQUALITYessays is fit for you."

by Cheryl Cua (few years ago!)
Honey As An Antimicrobial Agent

In addition to being used for food purposes, studies have found that honey has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

by Frank Buonanotte (few years ago!)
Can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ? CBT Really Help

CBT to the rescue, it is estimated that nearly 15% of UK adults are suffering with some form of mental health problems ? a sad indictment of today?s fast-paced, high-stress society. But there is a way to combat the fallout, in the form of a science-based, short-term psychological talk therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which many believe can provide an almost instant solution.

by martin shirran (few years ago!)
Netlearning To Sell Emergency University?s Healthcare Training Package

Emergency University courses in CPR, first aid, and AED to be offered through NetLearning's professional healthcare training services.

by David (few years ago!)
Obesity And Weight Loss Surgery In India By Indicure

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with more than 1.7 billion people falling in the overweight/obese category (as per WHO). Weight loss can range from being relatively simple to being almost unattainable, depending on several factors such as type and severity of obesity, the age and lifestyle of the individual and the psychological

by Shweta Bhargav (few years ago!)
Manuka Honey And Wound Care

A special type of honey only found in the New Zealand region is being used by medical professionals to dress wounds, treat burns and provide relief to a variety of other symptoms.

by Frank Buonanotte (few years ago!)
Anger Management Classes Online: A Solution For Human Resources

AJ Novick Group, one of the leading global providers of anger management develops an online anger management class for Human Resources, Business and Industry as well as consumers.

by Ari Novick (few years ago!)
Sufferers Of Dog Allergies And Cat Allergies May Find Relief In HEPA Air Filtration

Pet dander that triggers allergic reactions is a nuisance for people who suffer from dog and cat allergies. One Indianapolis-based company offers a solution that may provide relief or considerable reduction of allergic reactions with the use of HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air filtration systems.

by Mandy Minglin (few years ago!)
The Use Of Honey For Medical Purposes

A special type of honey found in New Zealand called Manuka Honey is being used to treat a variety of different medical conditions.

by Frank Buonanotte (few years ago!)
Asian Secret Weapon Fights Prostate Cancer

Although you?ve surely seen it on the store shelf, you may have overlooked the anti-oxidant effects of herbal green tea

by Micah Carter (few years ago!)
Viral Marketing Pushes Anger Management Over The Top

This highlights the intense marketing strategy that Anderson & Anderson, along with several of its anger management providers, are involved in to expose the groundbreaking Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum.

by Rasheed Ahmed (few years ago!)
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