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Dyan Garris Joins Internet Radio Host Claudia Mcneely On ?A Time To Heal? February 28, 2008 At 9 Pm Est

Pianist and Author Dyan Garris will discuss her Vibrational Healing Music CD?s, Angel Cards, Angel Messages and her new Voice Of The Angels Cookbook.

by Rev. Claudia McNeely (few years ago!)
National DentistryForDiabetics ℠ Program Unveiled Elite Group Of Dentists Focus On The Special Needs Of Diabetics

The conference, held in historic downtown Richmond, Virginia, marks the first meeting and official kick-off of a nationwide group of dentists focused on fighting the growing epidemic of Diabetes

by Brian Forrester (few years ago!)
Alpharetta Weigh Loss & Total Wellness Workshop

"Are you prepared to someones life? Are you taking the best care of your health? Learn CPR and powerful Nutrition & Fitness tips that are amazing and life changing!"

by Mechelle Mauldin (few years ago!)
100 Thousand Lives Saved Due To Birth Pills

Birth control pills are found to be life-saver from deaths occuring due to ovarian cancer for the past 50 years

by Linda Crowford (few years ago!)
Monmouth County, NJ, Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael Bixby Awarded Champion Of Evidence-Based Dentistry By ADA

Local Monmouth County, NJ, Michael Bixby, DMD, received high marks from the ADA for superior diagnostic treatment of patients

by Brian Pasch (few years ago!)
Silver Fillings Deemed Still Safe By U.S. Government Reports Monmouth County, NJ, Cosmetic Dentist

Atlantic Center for Advanced Dentistry Partner Michael Bixby, DMD, Monmouth County, NJ, Offers Alternatives to Silver Fillings.

by Brian Pasch (few years ago!)
Hemroids Information At A Glance getting people aware about threats and prevention for prevailing disease Hemroids.

by Mats Alyhr (few years ago!)
Technology Company To Present Drug Verification Solution

Noureddine Anibou and Charles Dozier, scientists from XStream Systems are schedule to speak at the Seventh Pharmaceutical Powder X-Ray Diffraction Symposium (PPXRD-7) February 25-28, 2008. They will discuss the importance of pharmaceutical verification and a new authentication technology called EXRD.

by Michael DeBoer (few years ago!)
Samuel Babarinde, 24 Years Old Young Entrepreneur Making A Big Impact On The World's 20/20 Vision has started a charitable organization called Clear Vision for All. Their mission is to build various eye clinics all over developing countries as well as donating prescription glasses. They are also currently desperately looking for sponsors for the projects we have laid out.

by Samuel Babarinde (few years ago!)
Destroying The MRSA Super-Bug With Manuka Honey

With nectar from a particular flower indigenous to New Zealand, Honeybees make a special type of honey with incredible healing properties.

by Frank Buonanotte (few years ago!)
Newly FDA Approved, Fast-Acting, Bleeding Control Product, Bloodstop? Gauze, Will Be Sold In Drug Stores

A newly FDA approved gauze which quickly stops bleeding has just become available to consumers.

by Everson Corrigan (few years ago!)
RNCOS Releases Report On Generic Drugs Market In Brazil

Brazil, one of the major emerging powers of the world, is marking its presence in almost every dimension of the world economy, including the generic drugs industry.

by Shushmul Maheshwari (few years ago!)
Former Manchester City Lord Mayor Has Hope And Quality Of Life Restored At New Beike Stem Cell Facility

Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ( ), the world leader in the use of umbilical cord stem cells to successfully treat a variety of illnesses, announced that Audrey Jones, the former Lord Mayor of Manchester, has returned today to the United Kingdom (UK) with significant improvement in her debilitating and life-threatening condition known

by Jessie (few years ago!)
If You've Had An X-ray, Thank A Sword Swallower!

If you've had an x-ray, an endoscopy, a fluoroscopy, or an electrocardiogram, you might want to thank a sword swallower!

by Dan Meyer (few years ago!)
Air Ambulance Company- One Touch Promise. You Make The Call. Angel Medflight Makes The Plans.

Angel Medflight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services today announced the introduction of its One Touch Promise

by Kelvin Tomes (few years ago!)
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